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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's been a BUSY weekend...
I still need to buy a few gifts, I need to inventory what I've already bought (because I've forgotten somethings...and Eli HAS to have more to open than Chris on Christmas morning)...and he should!

I stayed home from church today while Joe took the big boys (gotta keep Isaac away from the germs!).

I'm going to get Eli on video...he takes Joe's sheet music from "O Holy Night" and sings it in an operatic voice...it's the cutest thing!

Sam's FINALLY finished my cards on Saturday..so, maybe you'll get one before new year's..or, you might not...because I'm VERY absent minded and may have overlooked some names...SO...EVERYONE...have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!


It's late...and there's a Superman cape on my sewing machine begging to be finished and boxed up!

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Mandy said...

I'm glad Eli is a little me. I just told mom today that I needed to make sure seth had more boxes to open then Meghan.

I think I'm just going to send the bx to your house when you get back. That way I can send all the toys out together.

The Portas said...

You can't be more absent-minded than me. I don't even feel like I've done anything at all this Christmas. I'm still not done shopping!!!

Good luck with everything...and have a good week! xoox

Sarah said...

Sending hugs to you tonight - Evan absolutely LOVES his Star Wars cape!!! Wish you could hear him whizzing around here with his light sabers. Your awesome!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

you are such a thoughtful and kind person..

Matthew loves his little green and blue stroller w/ teddy bear...
Thank you..

and Eli was sooo stinkin cute singing my favorite Christmas song, Oh Holy Night...
I was watching it again on my cell phone.... so darling.