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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Svan bouncer has arrived....except...Isaac will NOT sit back in it...

Isaac will not bounce in it...

I suppose we'll just practice again tomorrow...
with Eli at our side...
Other than the arrival of our new bouncy seat...we had a visit from Nicole (NEIS) and Shirley (nutritionist). Isaac weighed in at 20 lbs 4 ozs! Shirley gave me some new powder to add MORE calories to his food. We will turn him into a butterball soon enough!!! (you know..he's 20 months old, 20 pounds, and wears 12 month size clothes!)

Eli went on a date today...a movie date..with our SWEET neighbor! She's too sweet...Eli must have told her a million times how bored he was...so, they went out. He had a blast!!

Chris and I finished his science project today (well..the planting of all the plants). So, now...we wait, take notes...and finish it in a few weeks.

Of course there has to be insurance news to tell...I've been fighting with BCBS about Isaac's cleft palate surgery. They have paid Stanford...but, of COURSE...they say the plastic surgeon is not on their provider list... URRGGHH..it's the dumbest thing ever! To the appeals process we go!

That's it...just thinking about it makes me grumpy..so, I'm not going to think about it until tomorrow!
***Oh...and would everyone PLEASE email me your address so that we can send out holiday cards! rollersinvegas@yahoo.com
Thank you!
(that includes you crabby old man...)

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Grandma Susie said...

Two cute boys!!! I love the new bouncy seat and hopefully Isaac will give it a try one day real soon. If he tries it and realizes it bounces - he'll be sold I'm sure. See you guys next weekend.

Samantha said...

I love the look on his face with that bouncy chair...cracks me up...he does not trust it. I am sure he will be bouncing any day now :) He just likes to make sure he can trust things first!

Love ya!

jmckeel said...

I LOVE his new bouncer! Where in the world did you hear about that and find it? That will be the best present ever for that boy! He is just darling; can't wait to see him! Take care, Abby

Lee Family said...

I just love the bouncy seat, he looks so cute in it. And you fight BCBS eventually they will pay. Good Luck.

Vanessa said...

I love the new bouncy seat. Hopefully he starts boucing soon.

Good luck on your fight with the insurance. It's not a battle I would want to fight. Stick to your guns and you'll do fine.

By the way, I love Eli's new glasses. He looks so grown up. And what a wonderful neighbor you have. Glad he had fun!

Much love,

jencooper said...

I love the new bouncy!! I hope that he decides to give it a try!

Your boys are adorable!! I love looking at them.

Hang in there with the stupid insurance!! I hate dealing with them!!!

Sorry that I am still behind! STILL NO COMPUTER....GGGRRRRRR!!


crabby old man said...

What some nice pictures As I just told Terri about Mathhew , meetig Isaac & the whole Roller clan is on My Bucket List.