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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ok...Joe and the boys got me a camcorder for my birthday...and this is what I have to share:

Now you can see what a little bobble head I have on my hands...but, ohhhh...such a cute bobble head!

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Dina said...

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. That Isaac is one cute kid.


Mandy said...

that was soo cute. Mom is going to have a blast playing with him.

Oh, happy birthday James. (Kat... you forgot to put that up!!)

Have a great Christmas and safe flight on Friday.

We love you

Grandma Judy said...

So Cute! Merry Christmas one and all.

Vanessa said...

He's the cutest little bobble head I've ever seen! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing more videos...yeah!!

The Jones Family said...

Very VERY cute!! He is SO handsome, really!!

cindy said...

Happy belated Birthday, Kathy!! I am looking forward to lots of video from your fancy new camcorder of the cutest bobblehead ever! (and his equally cute brothers!)

Hope you had a great Christmas! Can't wait to see and hear all about it!

Sending lots of love,


Tina:0) said...

He is just the cutest bobble head EVER!! And the tongue sticking out is just icing on the cake!

The girls LOVED their package!! You shouldn't have - thank you very much!!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Hugs all around!

crabby old man said...

SUCH a beautiful child may God Bless Isaac

Anonymous said...


The Portas said...

Ohhh, that head is just so heavy, Mommy! He is just the cutest. Good sitting up!! Can I just squeeze on him? Thanks for sharing...thanks for the Isaac smiles. :)

Teresa said...

Ok Kathy, that is so wonderful that Isaac is sitting up and doing such a great job at it! I hope I get to see you when you are visiting G-boro! When do you go home???

Love, Teresa

Kelly said...

Too sweet! He is adorable! Aubrey is requesting more videos. She giggled at the video then started waving bye-bye as you were telling him bye. I think she might have a crush on your cutie! =)

Merry Christmas!

Erin said...

He's adorable! I wish I could just give him a squeeze!!! So Cute. I love his faces. Hayden makes faces, too, so fun!

T n T - K n K said...

Kaylee wants me to play this over and over. She does everything your asking Isaac to do. She says, "mommy look at little baby Isaac he's wiggly and cute"...Ahhhhhh he is just the cutest little thing.