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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I don't have time to smile...
I'm watching tv right now....Seriously...I'm NOT smiling for you today!

I think I'll just eat a block...
still not smiling for you!

Our entire house is SNOTTY! There was crazy winds here ALL day yesterday.. Can you imagine the desert and winds....we inhaled SO much dirt yesterday. YUCK!

and guess what? They are calling for SNOW tonight! WHAT?!?!?
I can't wait until morning to see if they were right!

Other than the snot....we've had a pretty low-key weekend. Joe sang at church today (and no...I didn't get a recording of it.:(
but...he was terrific. His brother and their kids were able to come watch...and then come back to the house for a visit. Grandma Sue (Joe's mom) is in town this weekend....and she watched the boys so that we could eat dinner and do a little shopping on Saturday night. We found Chris the COOLEST church shoes. YES...church shoes. They are totally blacked out high top Converse leather shoes...(even the white circle and star are all black)...very cool!
(shhhh....don't tell Chris)

I'm just waiting for Isaac to finish his tube feeding so that we can go to bed. I think it might be cold enough to FINALLY turn on the heat!

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Mandy said...

Kat.... I'm not sure if I want to move there if it's snowing!

Yes everyone.... I get to move to Vegas and live with my big (shorter sis)!! Okay, not live with her but I'll be in walking distance I'm sure.

Get the kids better and I'll call you tomorrow. I'm still trying to figure out when we are going to move. :)

Oh, I'll try not to tell Chris about the shoes! :)

The Portas said...

Just catching up on the Rollers...

Now I'm wondering about Elijah's brain/eyes. He was SUPER O2-deprived for a long, long time. Hmmmmm. Well, for your little Isaac, as you know, everything will be ok. He's the toughest little guy I know. I'm certain that whatever hurdles he is faced with, he will jump over them. He has come so far. He is such a special little person.

I hope the snot has escaped your house and that you are all feeling great!

Did you get snow? I stepped outside this morning to a lovely -7 degrees! Yuck!


Rachel said...

OMGOSH...... i love his shirt!

Lee Family said...

First off Love the shirt, Second he is sitting up like a big boy YEAH....Heater we have had ours on for the past couple of nights only. and Snow it is only raining over her today but my Mom who lives on the west side has been getting it all day, Dang it :)
Glad you had a nice weekend and fun shopping with Joe.


Tina:0) said...

So did you all have snow ball fights?!

Mr. Isaac is just to cute! I love that little tie he's sporting:0)

Hope you're all doing well!