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Monday, December 01, 2008

I realized a few things today:
1) that the fancy camera that Joe bought me two years ago ACTUALLY came with an instruction manual. I think that I might read it....and maybe take better pictures.

2)that there isn't an eating disorder that doesn't entail NOT eating or throwing up the yummy food that I ate....so, I just made TWO more pumpkin pies tonight...really, what else can you do??

3)I am SERIOUSLY giving Eli all your phone numbers...WATCH OUT!

4)I just have the three best boys EVER! (ok....four best boys ever!)

Chris went off to school today as usual (which means getting up at 5:30AM!)...YIKES...my poor bones! Joe gets up a little after 6, I hop back into bed after changing Isaac's diaper and starting his feeding pump (which he happily sleeps through). I hear Eli hop out of bed around 8...and I KNOW that's he's in the game room playing video games....but, I do not care...I sleep for another half hour before Isaac decides that we should get up.

Isaac had his community OT appointment today. He did great..as always...he lets her pull, push, tug...whatever she wants...and he just goes along with whatever.

Eli funny---very SWEET story of the day:
After leaving OT, we NEEDED McDonalds. So, Eli gives me his order...I place it in the drive thru...and reach into my purse. Uh oh....where's my wallet?? uh...at home on the couch! YIKES!! I told Eli that we'll need to pull up and tell the man that I don't have any money--I never carry cash...and when I said that, I reached in my purse and pulled out a $20!
Eli said, "mom...Jesus must have known that we needed something to eat....he put that money in your purse."
Just the look of amazement in his eyes....he thought that he had just witnessed a miracle.

Chris...on the other hand...told me that we HAD to go to Home Depot to get supplies for a science project. So, we go. Come home. and there A LOT more to the project...that's due a lot sooner than Mr. Chris let on...urrghhh...so, I need to start his science project tomorrow AFTER I go BACK to Home Depot to get his supplies.
Really...I couldn't ask for a better teenager...(but, don't tell Chris I said that...I like the fear in his eyes when I give him "the look"!)

and Joe...his bum fell off weeks ago...he's still working a lot...and I love him for it.

oh...and I found the COOLEST website for gifts. Now...it's not cheap..just cool. I've put TONS of things in the shopping cart, but can't bring myself to buy it yet. Check it out here!
Now you'll know what kind of a DORK I am!!!

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T and T - K and K said...

ello my little shoppin bud! Yaaa for the boys being superb. I told ya they were. Still waitin on those lessons. I forgot to say on the previous post, woot woot for Isaac. I wanna see that miraculous trick. Let's get some video on that, por favor.
Oh, and I am so going to order some of those boo boo kisses bandages (maybe even the bacon too) cause I'm just kind of nut to....hahahahah!!

T and T - K and K said...

OMG, and wait....I absolutely have to have this...LOMO Fisheye 2 camera.
Can't wait to see your pics. Hey let's take a mini "get to know your camera class for mom's who don't have the time to sit and read a manual but want to take awesome shots of your beautiful bumpkins"
What do ya say?

Kelly said...

Isaac is as cute as ever! Love the story about the $20. He's such a sweetheart!

Okay, I laughed out loud on the bacon baidaids. Hilarious! Now, what exactly did you put in your cart? ha

The Portas said...

You DO have the best boys. They are just so sweet. Eli has such a sweet heart, and Chris is such a good kid, and Isaac is just the sweetest little peach.

Good luck with the science project! :)


Rachel said...

How cute are those pictures!!!!! He is such an angel!

Lee Family said...

Eli is such a cute little boy. and Isaac is as cute as ever. You have sucha sweet family. You tell Eli he can call me anytime to chat I Don't mind at all.... Glad to hear things are going good.

Mami Adame said...

Tell Eli he can call little Alex up! This child is non stop too! I wonder if they would even listen to each other or just talk straight thru?!