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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Look...she let me touch the tree...and again...

I wonder what I can get into now???

uh...I don't know?
So...many of you are planning on "how to keep your little ones away from your holiday decorations"...NOT ME! Isaac will NOT touch the tree to save his life. He reaches for it...then, makes the Yucky face, and pulls his hand away! Yeah for Isaac!

Mark, our speech therapist, came over today. Isaac ate great for him. THEN, Mark asked me to give him a cheese puff. BUT, Isaac hasn't wanted to eat one, let alone hold one, for a few months now. And, again...he picks up the puff, only to throw it down and make the yucky face. So, Mark tells me to break off a tiny piece and put it on a spoon and feed it to him...AND...he eats it! We could hear little crunching and his mouth opening and closing! YEAH FOR ISAAC! He WILL eat one day!!! HE will!!! Mark called our gi doc and requested a modified barium swallow study to make sure he doesn't aspirate so that we can start working on liquids with Isaac. I can't believe it...I wasn't sure we'd EVER get to this point!!!

This was our dinner tonight. A roast with carrots and potatoes....and I had to FIGHT with Eli to get him to eat this tiny amount! I need a g-tube for him! I don't think he ate lunch today...just chips and donuts!

Chris...BOMBED his algebra test last week. SO...his walking on egg shells around me right now.

I feel so NORMAL right now...we don't have any real drama going on to speak of.....
I'm probably boring you!

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Rachel said...

The tree is beautiful and Isaac is lucky to touch it. That's all i do is yell at Melana to stay away from that tree!!!

Eli sounds like Coleson (my 7 yr old) he is ADHD and the meds make him not eat much, but when i do cook, he will eat nothing. In order to keep the weight on him, he gets his own meal!


Grandma Judy said...

Glad you got your tree together.
Just wait...he will get to it sooner or later.

Kathy, YOU were not eating roast at that age. You must have been high school or college-aged before you started eating it. Give him a break. He's home all day now, let him cook his own meals. Get him a kid cook book.

Chris and that Algebra. That boy! Send him back to Holly for tutoring.

Have a good day, and thanks for helping me with my Christmas list!
When all is quiet today, put Eli in bed with you, and ALL of you take a nap!

Vanessa said...

You have a beautiful tree! You make my tree look sad. :(

Don't worry...we're boring too and that's a good thing!


Lee Family said...

I love the tree, Logan is kinda the same way he will look then touch then pull away.
OMG! Eli is just like Elizabeth I fight with her every single night to eat her dinner.
I am so happy for isaac I am surprised they have never done a swalling study to see if he aspirates. Logan has these studys all the time. If he is eating this good by mouth more than likely he will not aspirate. How Exciting I am very jeliuos.

T and T - K and K said...

I love that your therapist takes a situation and looks at it a different way! A spoon for a puff...awesome! Keep them around. And dinner looks great! I should have headed over there last night because I don't we even ate.
So excited to see Christmas at the Rollers. Although Kalob thinks it's there all the time. I kid you not, they wanna come to your house ALL the time. Thanks for the pepto tip.

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

No drama is good!!!!

Amber said...

Never boring...normal and boring are NOT the same. :0)

The Jones Family said...

enjoy normalicy...it fades quickly! lol Beautiful Tree!!

Jane said...

hey Kathy!

That's neat about the puff. Ramona's the same way. She'll stop eating something she used to love, so I just cut it a different way or give her a spoon instead of a fork, etc. She is a very picky eater. I think the swallow study is a great idea, especially if he's never had one. I think that thickening Ramona's liquids was what gave her the ability to come off the tube. It's kind of a pain, but seems so worth it now.

Anyhoo, thinking of you guys...