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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was downstairs this morning eating breakfast...
I heard Isaac talking (he was asleep)....
so....I go upstairs, walk into my room..
and what do I see?
yes...that would be ELI in Isaac's crib!
No wonder he was calling for me to come help him!

my little angels....
what a way to start the day!

Isaac started sitting up ALL BY HIMSELF today......ALL DAY...he will NOT lay down! Now...there's a problem with this new skill that he has....he DOES NOT know how to get OUT of sitting...so, he falls over and bangs his head. I spent my day following him around and putting pillows around him so that he wouldn't crack his head open. So...I need to get Isaac a helmet to protect his little melon!

Other than Isaac being a ROCKSTAR in the sitting department....we just hung around the house. Eli talks my head off, makes me play board games, plays video games.....and misses going to school. Chris is Chris....that's all that I can say about that one (oh...and he's FINALLY taller than I am..by like 3 inches!)

oh....one more thing. I'll take pics tomorrow...but, I was bathing Isaac today and he has these HUGE bumps on his elbows...I guess they are eczema bumps. He has little eczema bumps on his arms and legs...but, his elbows look horrible. We don't have a dermatologist...but, I guess it's time to get one (there aren't too many specialists that we haven't seen).

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Grandma Judy said...

Oh Kat, that picture just gave me a brainstorm. Have Joe build a bed...with rails. Eli and Isaac can sleep together. HIs breathing is better now, and he's not retching. They could use it on weekends when you need some rest. Eli would let you know if Isaac needed anything! Kind of like their own little camp-out.

The Portas said...

How exciting about the sitting!!! GO ISAAC! That is huge progress. Elijah had the same problem getting out of a sit because his arms just weren't strong enough. It happens quickly...those little arm muscles will get stronger every day.

The pics are so precious. Brothers...awwwww, I love it. :)

Have a good day. Play lots of board games! xooxxo

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

OMG that is hysterical!!!

Katie Beckett is coming today..
I'll call ya after she leaves.

Rachel said...

HOW FUNNY is that! I just caught my Coleson (age 7) doing the same thing the other day. Isn't it great that they love thier siblings?

kc'sbunch said...

Allie has/had horrible eczema. Dermatologists are a huge waste of time (well, in my experience with Allie and her eczema) I use California Baby shampoo and body wash from the whole foods store, and Cetaphil cream lotion. This has worked WONDERS on her skin and I feel it is preventing Spencer from getting it. My sister-in-law swore by bearts bees wax lotion (sp?). Good luck!

mina said...

The brothers look so cute together!

Lee Family said...

Sitting all day by himself that is great. Logan see's a dermatologist we just saw him yesterday and he says no bath at all for all the winter season use Cortizon and lots of Lotion and it will go away it has for Logan, Call me and I wikll give you more details.

jencooper said...

Woohoo.....actually got the computer home from work tonight! Hopefully our new one will be coming very very soon. It is killing me to be so far behind in commenting!

Your boys are melting my heart tonight. I am loving them laying in the bed together!! So cute.

Way to go Master Isaac!!!! Sitting up?? That is absolutely fantastic! I am so proud of him!

I hope that the bumps are looking better today.


Vanessa said...

Just love the pics of Eli in the crib with Isacc. :)

Yeah on the sitting! Just have to teach him how to not bump his little noggin. Poor kiddo.

Mami Adame said...

That is such a cute and sweet pic! Gotta love the brotherly love!