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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Attitude

I think picture tells how Isaac's attitude was
for Halloween...

We went to church to Trunk or Treat...
that would be the back of the mini van, all the bags of candy
in the back, spider webs to SCARE the kids..
and notice Isaac's face...
STILL NOT happy to be there.

So...Joe gave it a try...
that kiddo gave up nothing but attitude!

Seth and Megan met us at church to join in on the fun
(that's Seth in all white, MY Eli in the middle, and tinkerbell Magpie)
I couldn't find Chris at church to snag a pic..
but, HE took this one before we left...
and YES...he wore that silly costume AGAIN!
What a CRAZY weekend! I STILL couldn't find my Halloween decorations. I'm sure they're in a Christmas tree box or something totally off the wall!

Isaac was just a skeleton (it was a pj set...). It warmed up so much this week..that he was almost too hot wearing long sleeves (notice Magpie in her little dress with NO shirt underneath)....and, NOT to brag...but, it's going to be PERFECT and in the 80s all week! This is my MOST favorite time of the year here! (ok...except for all the leaves falling into my pool...that I really NEED to go and get out...because I don't have a poolman)

Eli's actually spending the night with Mandy tonight! YEAH for me! and...the kids are out of school on Monday. Maybe I'll be able to get Chris to help me out a little...if I wave a dollar at him!

Tonight I made FOUR pumpkin pies. NOW...before you start laughing at me....I did make 6 pies last week total...and YES, we ate them all. But, tonight...only 2 are my pies. I made the other two for a friend that just had a baby. I'm whipping her up a southern feast tomorrow:
Honey glazed ham
REAL mashed potatoes and gravy
sweet potato casserole (I will share the recipe tomorrow)
corn on the cob
green beans
REAL macaroni and cheese
stuffing (I know I didn't make a turkey, but I just LOVE it with all the other foods)
dinner rolls
and the two pumpkin pies

(I can't think of anything else)
Sounds SO yummy....
I just wanted to bring her over enough to feed them for a few days. It's like Thanksgiving is here!

What's up with all this baking lately?? Maybe I'm nesting...DON"T tell Joe...he doesn't know what that means...and he'll hide from me! (just playing...I think I'm just bored out of my mind...and I'm finding every reason under the sun NOT to exercise and eat lettuce all day)

So...how about those chocolate covered apples. Here's how I made them:

Make sure the apples are COLD before you dip them in chocoate
(if you want the chocolate to stay on)
just put some chocolate in a bowl and microwave it...
(i did mine a minute at a time...stirring after each minute
until it was melted)

Put sticks in the COLD apples..
now...just dip in the chocolate and sprinkle your
little hearts out!
That has to be the easiest treat in the world to make..
and fyi...Smith's has their apples on sale this week.

OH...and I saw "The Jane Austen Book" movie this weekend...how stinkin' cute was that movie?

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jencooper said...

Poor Isaac!! So not happy that he isn't getting to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on Halloween.

If I have a baby, will you whip me up some of that good Southern cooking?? That is my favorite part of the holidays!!


The Portas said...

Isaac is the cutest little skeleton, attitude or not. I love the decorated van!! You're making me salivate with all of the talk of such yummy food. You are such a good friend. Whoever is on the receiving end of that feast is going to be in heaven!

Have a good day! I'm going to go daydream about chocolate covered apples now. xo

Lee Family said...

All of the kids are dressed so cute, I am glad you had a great time. Enjoy eating all those pies