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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Listen to your Children

Do you know what this picture is??

Maybe this angle is better....is it??

Stickers! ON MY FLOOR!

I was working on the computer...Eli was talking to me. I was giving him the ole, "uh huh...yeah...really" responses...NOT even hearing ONE word that came out of his mouth. Well, it appears that we had a conversation about him making a game for us to play and it involved placing stickers all along the floor. AND...I agreed.

ummmmm......we DID play the game. I DID remove the stickers today.

Learn from mistakes.....LISTEN to your kids when they talk (who knows what I'll agree to next time?!?!)

And here's Mr. Isaac. This pic was taken yesterday (after I took pics of the stickers). We went to Eli's school last night to a fall festival outside. Of course Isaac was up all night with a runny nose and croupy cough. I haven't had to put him on oxygen yet...but, he's also pulling at his ears. Wouldn't it just be like Isaac to have an ear infection this week knowing that he's scheduled to have new tubes put in on Thursday (they won't do the surgery if he's infected...will they??) He doesn't have a fever yet...but, I'm keeping him pumped up with all his allergy meds, breathing treatments, ear drops, nose spray, and benadryl....maybe something will help (all of those are some of his regular meds except for the benadryl...don't think i"m trying to overdose him or anything).

I am OUT of pumpkin pies...the shells, the mix. AND...I couldn't go to the store today because Isaac was feeling so bad. I'm going through withdrawal. I made one of those little microwave brownies...but, it just isn't the same. AND...I made a roast for dinner last night...and decided...why not make another for that same friend that just had her babydoll. I hope she liked it!

I'm trying to organize this stinkin' house so that we can put it up for sale. I'm starting one room at a time...and at this rate and with the participating males in this house...I should be all finished by next Christmas!

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Mandy said...

Poor Kat. :) hahahaha

When I go to the store Sunday, I'll get you stuff for your pies.

The Portas said...

Oh, Isaac! No getting sick before surgery! We will say some extra prayers for health so you can go forward with this. Elijah always does the same thing and taunts us with sickness before almost every procedure he gets.

The sticker story made me giggle. :) I hope you get your pumpkin pies today! Yummmm.

jencooper said...


And this is why we need to get Eli and Bennett together!! He puts stickers on EVERYTHING....and he is always making up games!!

I can't wait until next weekend! I am so pumped!!


T n T - K n K said...

Ok, this is the first time I'm over here since you changed it!! I love it so.

Sarah said...

Cracking up!!! Evan and I have had several of those conversations!

Lee Family said...

Kathy Don't feel bad I have done the same thing :)

Hey I left you a message last week call me when you get a break from making pies :)