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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Travel & Teenage Antics

Cowboy Eli...
Here we have (from left to right)
Eli, Luke, Kenny, and Seth
I think they were having TOO much !!!

With the kids out of school for Veterans Day...we (that would be ME, Chris, Eli, Isaac, Mandy, Megan, and Seth) decided to take the trek across the border to UT to visit our sister and her kiddos and have a little birthday party for our nephew, Kenny. I am pleased to report that we made it there and back with NO peeing in bottles, NO throwing up in the van, NO speeding tickets....seriously, I don't know how we did it, how we didn't forget a kid, how we were all still talking at the end of it all....but, we did it!

Now...I know you're wondering about the other kids...maybe ISAAC? Here's a little video of Mr. Isaac and my niece Catherine. Look...he's finally bigger than someone!

and the new baby was sleeping most of the time (sorry mom...I didn't get a new pic..but, he's still SUPER adorable)

Tonight's PEE IN YOUR PANTS moment will be brought to you by Chris, the teenager who makes me count to ten constantly.

Shoot...I almost forgot to tell you about Chris. He normally gets out of school a little after 1:00. I go to school and pick up the other kids and Chris stays after for wrestling practice. I take Isaac home, feed him, and then we leave to pick up Eli from school at 3:00. I haven't heard from Chris yet...so, I pick up Eli and we're at Chris' school by 3:20. We wait..and wait...and wait. FINALLY, about 4:00 he comes out (all sweaty and stinkY)! We get home...and he asks me if I've filled out his "packet". I tell him "NO", you just gave it to me. Then, he proceeds to tell me that he NEEDS his physical TODAY! what!?!? Luckily, Walgreens does sports physicals...so, we head out. We're FOURTH in line! urrghh...so...we wait....and wait....and wait....Finally, it's about 6:15 and we're outta there! Now, I need to rush into Smith's to grab some things for dinner. While we're in there, he gets a call asking if he's coming to dodgeball at church? WHAT??!! When is that? RIGHT NOW! what?!?!?
So, we rush out of Smith's and I drop him off at the church building that he tells me to.
I'm excited to be going home now...it's 7:00.
BUT, I get a call when I'm almost home, "Ahhh....this is the wrong building, could you COME BACK AND GET ME??"
seriously. I had to do a U turn and drive BACK to the church, pick him up, and DRIVE to another building.
FINALLY, we have it right.
We get home about 7:30...and I start to make Chicken Tortilla Soup (except it's too spicy and now I can't eat it...so, I guess I'll eat cereal) Lucky for me, Joe likes it (so, not a TOTAL waste of my time and effort. I even diced onions....and I DON'T dice!)

Do you see this cutie pie trying to hide from me?? That's my granddaddy Joe...Happy Birthday Granddaddy Joe....you don't look a day over 35!
Ok...ONE MORE THING. We're going on a road trip! Yep...me and the boys are taking a road trip for Thanksgiving to visit the Super Heart Moms of Texas! I can't wait!!!

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Amber said...

WHAT!? a road trip to TEXAS?
What about Amazing Heart Moms of Indiana/Ohio???? ;0)
totally kidding...so excited for you.
Also...I love seeing videos of him and hearing you in the background. The kids always know when I've just watched one...as I try to reproduce that cute accent of yours. ;0)

The Portas said...

I'm so jealous about your Texas road trip! I wish we were close enough to make one, too. Airfare is horrendous over that weekend, so I guess Amber and I can whine until we all can try a MIDWEST road trip!!!! :) Have a great time. I know you ladies (and babies) will.

I loved that video. I love seeing Isaac look big! :) I'm glad you guys had a nice trip to see your sister, how fun!

You made me laugh out loud with the, "I don't DICE!" :) I'm glad Joe liked the soup. I would love it, too! I'm a huge spicy soup (or spicy anything) fan.

Have a good weekend!! xo

Sarah said...

Isaac seemed to like that little couch, he needs one!
I guess Kentucky isn't close to either Texas or the Midwest exactly. I hope you have a great time visiting.

Mandy said...

Alright Texas moms, you better have a fun time. I couldn't even get Kathy to go to Disneyland with me but she's going to Texas. That's just wrong!!! :) But I'm sure she's gonna have fun.

Grandma Judy said...


Where are the links to the other blogs?

jencooper said...

Bennett is SO SO excited!! He almost fell over from jumping up and down when I told him that Eli was coming to spend the night with him. And Gracie said, "I see Isick?" So cute! We can't wait for you to come....and we definitely can't wait for Gabba!

Mandy....you are welcome to tag along! The more, the merrier!!

cindy said...

OMG, I'm with Bennett! We've been jumping up and down since Jen told me you were even seriously contemplating coming here, let alone decided that Yo Gabba was worth the 1200 mile trip!!! That's alot of Gabba love right there!!!!!!

To answer your question to Jen, Steph is totally on board to watch the kids with Chris so we can have our mom's night out! She's heard about him for so long that she's excited to finally meet him and then they can be Facebook friends!!

We can't wait to finally meet you guys in person!

Love ya,