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Monday, November 02, 2009

Standing Man

Can you believe that video??

I think that about sums up our day.

I was out delivering my yummy feast to my friend...and Chris calls to tell me that Isaac is standing up! WHAT?!?! I told him to video tape it...not thinking that he'd actually do it!

School starts back tomorrow for the boys...YEAH for me!

We're trying to hit the hay early tonight...so, I'll post more pics and show you how to make my yummy sweet potato casserole tomorrow!

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Mandy said...

that's so cute!! awesome job Sto and Isaac. Kat, you need to get Sto something for recording this. :)

Daisy said...

Ok....You should have seen my face watching this video! You would have thought I was there...yelling for him to..go .go...go...go Isaac!

I can believe it and I'm super excited. And WOW....we got to see Mr. Christopher too...wha wha what!!

Teresa said...

That is so exciting! I guess that yummy wood was worth standing up for! WOW!

The Portas said...

Oh my gosh, LOOK AT HIM! What a big boy!! And what a sweetie Chris is for getting it on video and encouraging his little brother. I love it.

I hope you all got good rest last night and that you have a good day today. Sweet potato casserole, come to me!!

Wendy said...


Oh my gosh, I am so excited that Isaac stood up!!! I was rooting for him to do it again! Chris was so sweet to tape that for you (and all of us, too!) What an awesome big brother, cheering him on like that!

I laughed at Isaac licking the gate....Emma likes to lick anything that's metal, and sometimes I've found her in that exact position licking the drawer pulls on my dresser!!! We've got some silly kids, huh?! :)

Thanks so much for sharing that little clip...it made my day! Keep up the great work, Isaac!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Grandma Judy said...

Isaac, You're the best. Keep on trying and working hard!

Sarah said...

Isaac and his craving of wood... hey if that is what he likes then on with the bribing, LOL. I loved it!

jencooper said...

I loved Chris's commentary!! What an awesome brother he is to the little man!! I was cheering my heart out!!

Way to go Isaac!! Keep up the great work!!


Larsens said...

I love this video! Thats so awesome Isaac stood up and Chris is so cute being excited for his baby brother.

What sweet boys!

Becca said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

kc'sbunch said...

Congratulations. Watch out mama, this boy is ready to rumble!!

Amber said...

I can see that I'm not the ONLY one loving this one!!!!
My first thought was...wow, she's got Chris trained really well! My second thought was OH MY GOODNESS! boy...you brought tears to these eyes! Such a biggie boy you are!
I fully expect to find all of your wood suspended...as motivation. :0)

Abby said...

Why is it that they ALWAYS do things like that when nobody is watching!!!!! YeAh!! He will do it again soon; it won't be long. GO ISAAC :)

Lee Family said...

OMG! the whole time I was watching this vidoe my mouth was open so wide. I cannot beleive it how exciting he is standing all on his own.

Ok what is your secret you have to tell me.. We have to come over so Logan can learn how to stand on his own.

I am just so excited right now. YEAH

Vanessa said...

Way to go Isaac! He is such a big boy. You really have the nicest boys. That was so sweet of Chris to video tape it for you and all of us.