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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ear Infections and "No Reply"

Your kiddo might get ear infections too...
but, here's Isaac with another ear infection:

My poor little Isaac. I knew that something was brewing when he started wretching and gagging this weekend. THEN, the runny nose. He doesn't have a fever....just those symptoms....and, it has been a MONTH since his last infection. Sure enough, a visit to our wonderful ped, showed double ear infections AGAIN! So, we just add oral antibiotics and ear antibiotic drops to the mix...and she thinks he'll be ok for more tubes on Thursday. (ahhh....I haven't pre-registered for that yet...someone, remind me tomorrow!)

So...the pic tells how he feels. Just poopy. He's just eating pedialyte with about an ounce or two of milk added until he stops wretching. Poor little peanut.

AND...to make it all worse...I've been cleaning the house (I know...it sounds bad)....but, I moved the emergency bed from our room this week (to stage the house to put it up for sale)...and tonight, Eli's having trouble breathing...AND there's NO emergency bed for him to sleep in. Right now, he's snoring and drooling in our bed...so, I had to make a little bed on the floor at the foot of our bed with TONS of blankies (so it's nice and soft). Poor Eli too:(
(I think his is just allergies from all the dust I'm kicking up while cleaning...that's why I think I should just STOP!)

ok...here's your funny Eli story:

Yesterday I was in the boys room cleaning (for REAL cleaning)...and the big boys were upstairs with me and Joe was downstairs working on the computer and kinda' watching Isaac. Eli goes down to get something and comes back up and saysL
"mom, Isaac stinks"
me: "Eli...it's ok...dad will change him. I'm up here cleaning"
eli: "mom...Isaac reallly stinks!"
me:"Eli...did you tell dad that Isaac stinks?"
eli:"mom, YES...I told dad. But, he didn't reply!"

Can you believe that Joe didn't reply???
That Eli! Everything that comes out of his mouth just cracks me up!
and poor Eli...I didn't listen to him the other day and had the sticker mess...
and now, he tries to talk to Joe...and he doesn't reply.
Our poor little middle child!

Tomorrow....Isaac is SUPPOSE to have speech therapy at our house...BUT, he doesn't eat when he's sick....so, maybe we'll work on something else. THEN, I'm headed out to Macy's to check out the sale. I have TWO different coupons and plan on using them!
(don't even say it MOM...he'll be fine in his stroller. NO one touches him or breathes on him)
(and stop making that face...he'll be fine!)

He's actually up now playing in the playroom and NOT sleeping.

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Grandma Judy said...

Keep MY BABY away from those germs and viruses. No H1N1 PLEASE!

The Portas said...

Oh Isaac, get better soon, little man. I hope the ear drops help you!!

Are you guys putting your house up for sale so you can move to MINNESOTA?! I knew it! :)

Eli is a super funny little kid. He got no reply, how rude?! :) Hee heee..

Give some healthy, healing smooches to that little Isaac man for me. xo

Abby said...

Hi Kat,
There is NO MORE GERMS at Macy's than there is staying at home or from the other 2 boys going to school! SHOP your heart out. Sorry you feel bad Isaac; the older kids here are getting colds too. Stickin' weather!

Lee Family said...

I am with your Mom I am making the face. Poor little guy is not feeling well.
I hope he gets to feeling better soon.


oh and where are you moving to, if your house is a short sale it will take about 6 months or longer.

hayngrl101 said...

yes, inquiring minds would like to know when and where you are moving to??

jencooper said...

That boy better get better...he has a date with a pretty little girl named Grace...and he isn't going to miss it!! Brobee will be devastated if he missed Isaac!

I seriously CAN NOT wait to get Eli and Bennett together! They are going to have a blast! Bennett has already asked if we can take him to eat at Rainforest Cafe...not to eat....just to build an animal!

I hope tubes go well tomorrow. We fight the ear infection battle too!

Tina:0) said...

I'm sooo behind! Poor little Isaac... I've had trouble with ear infections before & they stink!!:0( I hope he's feeling better soon. Those tubes should hopefully help stop all those infections... how'd the surgery go?!

I'm with everyone else... where ya movin' to? Hope you all have a healthy, relaxing weekend!