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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Tubes Tomorrow!

Just gazing at the tiny television that
has my Yo Gabba Gabba dancing on it!
Look at my trick!
(and MOM needs to vacuum the floor)
Yes...can you tell what wonders antibiotics do on this babydoll? He's a new, happy man today...unknowing of the torture that we will inflict upon him tomorrow (ok, not me...but, the sweet Dr. S.) Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Ok, NOT so big, but....new ear tubes....how stinkin' exciting! Could it be possible that we have a winter with minimal sickness?? Oh, my fingers are crossed! My fingers are crossed.

I know that this is just a minor little surgery, in comparison to the others that he's had...but, I still doNOT like taking him to the hospital in the morning...nope...not one bit. AND....we're going to a nice hospital...but, it's NOT the children's hospital (our insurance isn't accepted there)...quite stinky I think! But, we went today and did all of our pre-op paperwork and everyone was so smitten with Isaac...so, I think we'll be in good hands.

What else...what else.....Chris is STILL practicing with the wrestling team...everyday for THREE hours. Poor little guy is SO exhausted...but, he's excited and having fun. I'm glad that he's into a sport...but, I am SO tired of a last minute request at the end of each day for new gear that NEEDS to be purchased before the next day.

Eli...that Eli cracks me up. He talks NON-stop all day...and has so much to say...what can I say...he's a great 7 year old, that doesn't cause me any grief, does him homework, runs his own bath now, likes to eat healthy, wants to exercise....IF I could only get him to always keep his pee in the toilet bowl...he'd be perfect!

Now...about our house. I WILL put it up for sale WHEN I can get it all clean and organized. (I know...it's a BIG WHEN...because WHEN do I have time to do extra work??) Here's the skinny on the house:
We moved to Las Vegas about 5 1/2 years ago when the market was CRAZY high. We did NOT buy an extravagant house....but, the house that we bought WAS very overpriced...but, all the houses were at that time. We had NO plans for having a baby Isaac...we just had two boys. Joe was working in mortgages at that time....and you remember the market...so, money was flowing. We lived within our means....BUT, things changed. 2 1/2 years ago we had this peanut we all call Isaac. In that first year, he had 2 major heart surgeries and 1 tummy surgery. His last surgery was in Nov. 2007. In Dec. 2007, Joe was let go from his job (of over 10 years...I will NOT speak ugly of that company...but, KNOW that I always think UGLY thoughts). SO, Isaac survived a freakin' amazing surgery, Joe loses his job, and in Jan. 2008 our mortgage arm starts to adjust. Now, we aren't idiots...we had an arm, because Joe's company moved us around every 2-3 years...we were NOT suppose to be STUCK here. But, we were. SO, we can't refinance the house at that time because WE don't have a job...and the market has started to tank. (let it also be known that the mortgage company stinks. While we were at Stanford for that month of Nov...not knowing if Isaac would survive...we called the stinky mortgage company to ask if they'd take that month's payment and just move it to the end of the loan...giving us more liquidity that month to pay for expenses at Stanford. Do you know that they would NOT help in any way. I should have known right THEN and THERE that they were too stinky and to refinance then...but, we didn't)
Fast forward to today. The market here STILL stinks....and our house is about 200k UNDERVALUED. yikes! So...here's the thing. Coupon shop as I might...this mortgage eats away alot of our income each month. There's a house across the street from ours that rents for exactly 1/2 of what we pay each month in mortgage payments. I just can't see the rationalization for paying so much out each month when Isaac's medical expenses aren't going to decrease...they aren't going anywhere. And that's fine...I'd just like to stash more money away for him in the future for whatever his needs may be.
So, about 6 months ago when the whole "remodify" your loan programs started...we called our stinky mortgage company...and they told us to fill out the "hardship" paperwork and they would decide if we could get a rate adjustment or any help lowering those payments. Do you know that they told us that WE were NOT a hardship case. Seriously! No LATE payments...EVER...on anything. Documents proving what our medical expenses are....and we are not the kind of people that qualify for loan modification. WHO THE HECK IS??
Now...we're talking about short selling the house. Which stinks. We have put SO much money and time and energy into this house to just lose it...but, it seems like the smarter thing to do in the long run. I'm not so attached to the house....I'm just more upset about the mortgage company. At their request...I sent them another package...but, I'm not anticipating many great things. BUT...it is the season for miracles...so, you never know.

Even if we have to sell the house for a loss....I'd be happy living in a studio apartment with my family...as long we we were all there together (and THEY were not talking too much, peeing on my floor, or putting stickers all over the house).

NOW...you're in the KNOW.
It's SO late...and I have to get MR. Isaac to bed so we can get our early start in the morning.
We're suppose to check in about 7:30 and the procedure should start about 9:00. He said that it was only about a 30 min procedure...and he'll just need gas (no tube...thank goodness).

**OH MY GOSH....I keep forgetting. Does anyone need any zhu zhu pets? We've bought a few and Eli MADE me give him one and he's been playing with it. BUT, Isaac LOVES it. He presses his nose to hear him make noises and then chases him all over the house. Who would have thought?? Don't tell Eli...but, we're getting him a real hamster for Christmas....he's going to pee in his pants!

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The Portas said...

Praying for Mr. Isaac today! I hope those tubes do magical things for him this winter.

Thanks for sharing about your house situation. We are in an icky house situation, too. :( Like you said, all that really matters is that I'm under the same roof with my family, but it still stinks that hard-working, HONEST people like us have to go through things like this. Oh well.

Let us know how things are going today, if you get a chance! xo

jencooper said...

I guess it is a common thread!! We are meeting with a relator tomorrow to put our house on the market. It will probably be early spring before we actually list it, but we are starting the process. Gotta love those medical bills!!

We are saying lots of prayers for Mr. Man today!

Tell Eli that he is only allowed to use Bennett's toilet when he is here. Bennett can't quite always hit the toilet bowl either...yuck!

Grandma Judy said...

I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Lee Family said...

I know everything will go good, I will say a prayer and I will call you in a few hours. Good Luck

cindy said...

OMG, we've been in a crappy house situation, too! And....Scott had been in the mortgage business his whole life, so when it tanked it really screwed things up for us also. We'll have lots to talk about!

Glad the little man's surgery went well!!