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Friday, November 20, 2009

whew....it's FRIDAY!

I have to tell you...I didn't think that Thursday would EVER be over!
Shall we start from the top??

Wednesday night...Isaac is up dancing around and playing until about 2am. You can't rationalize with this little guy. You COULD just put him in the crib, but...he just dances and kicks, and plays...so, when he late nights like this...I just keep him downstairs and let him crawl around and play.

THAT leads us to Thursday. I have my alarm set for 5:30am...that's when we (would be ME) get up and get Chris ready for seminary. Because I had JUST fallen asleep, I woke up and told Chris that he could skip this morning and I'd take him to school. So, then I set my alarm clock for 6:30. We HAVE to report to the hospital at 7:30, Chris needs to be at school at 7:00, and I'm just dropping off Eli at Mandy's house. That alarm went off...I turned it off, and went back to sleep. Thank goodness we have noisy neighborhood dogs, because they started barking at 6:45 and I thought I was going to have a HEART ATTACK! I run down the hall screaming...
"Chris get up...Eli get up....Joe get up and help me!"
I AM amazing....I rushed to get myself dressed...ran downstairs and made TWO lunchboxes for the boys. I made the boys cereal...brushed their hair while they ate, they ran up to brush teeth, I packed their backpacks, got Isaac downstairs and dressed (thank goodness he was NOT allowed to eat)...I got out of the house at 7:05! Dropped Chris off at school withOUT a tardy, dropped Eli off at Mandy's house (she took him to school for me at 8:30), and I made it to the hospital at 7:25!
THEN, I open the truck and realize that the stroller is in the van and I drove the car:( So, I'm carrying my big ole' purse and big ole' Isaac. We cross the parking lot and head inside where we go up the elevators to the 2nd floor. I'm standing in line with only three ladies in front of me. There's a chair beside me, so I sit Isaac in the chair, set my purse beside him, and start taking off my coat (because I am HOT from booking it all morning)...and THUMP...Isaac fell out of the chair (just cover your eyes mom)! Great. Isaac starts screaming. He's already in a bad mood because I woke him up so early. He's mad because he usually eats every morning at 6am sharp...and here I am...standing in HUGE lobby area of pre-op patients and I'm just letting my kid fall out of a chair on the floor. I felt horrible.
Sweet Isaac just sniffled and snuggled up to me...and the tears soon stopped. As soon as we answered a few questions, signed a few forms...we were then seated. It was only about 5 minutes before we were called to the back.
Now...we get the screening from the nurses and anesthesiologists. Once they see his chart...they know that I know everything, and have no real questions for them. This procedure would be so quick that he didn't need an iv or need to be intubated...just gas masked. I couldn't be more thrilled. I should remind you that we had NEVER been to this hospital with Isaac...but, they were awesome!
The nurse picked him up (with his paci) and carried him down the hall...and he didn't even cry. He was so very brave.

I went downstairs to pee (because my nerves were all torn up) and got a coke (because I have a caffeine addiction)...and went back upstairs. I pulled out my phone to play on the internet...and as soon as I did....they were already out! Seriously! Amazed again! Of course Isaac was a grumpy bug when he woke up and tried with all his might to pull those ears off. We only had to wait about 15 minutes...and we were able to get him dressed and head out (by the way...the nurse even walked us to the elevator....how nice was that??).

We live only 5 minutes from this hospital..and we were home before 9:30 (which was our scheduled appointment time). I was able to give Isaac some morning meds...start a feed of pedialyte and snuggle with my love bug for a much needed two hour nap! (shhh...don't tell Joe that I napped during the day!)

After Isaac woke up from his FOUR hour nap....he was just perfect. He played around with his toys...he crawled in and out the doggy door....you would not even be able to tell that anything had happened to him.


have I mentioned that yet?

our day was amazing....this peanut is amazing...the way the whole day just fell into place (with the help of Mandy helping me pick up kids)....we did it.

It's Friday....date night. I'm just waiting for my man to come home and take me to dinner.
It's KILLING me not to go to see New Moon tonight...but, I will wait until next weekend.

and I'll leave you with a video of Isaac trying to go through the doggy door...BUT, I had the door closed off...he kept banging his head trying to get through...so funny!

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kelli belli said...

he is toooo cute! your so mean. it looked nice outside. why didnt you just let the poor boy go outside the doggy door

Mandy said...

Yes everyone, Isaac was the perfect little camper when I saw him. You could not even tell that he had just been at the hospital. And you still can't tell as much crawling around as that kid does.

Don't worry mom, he's doing great.

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad the whole day worked out great! Okay, besides him falling out the chair. Ouch!

I hope you had a wonderful date night. I really need to start doing those more often.

Have a wonderful week!

The Portas said...

Isn't it wonderful when days (that we moms stress about) just fall into place like that? I'm soooo glad you guys had such a smooth day. And I'm glad you liked the new hospital!

I hope date night was fun. What did you do?

Super cute video. I could gobble that cutie up (or, "boggle," as Elijah calls it).