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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laughing and Dancing

So...that's Isaac's new laugh. It sounds like he's coughing or choking on something...but, NOPE...he's laughing with his imaginary peeps. (constantly...laughing at nothing...just starring off into space) And that kiss at the end...oh, it just melts my heart. AND...the microwave beeping...always cooking something...AND that pile of junk in the background...what can I say...I need Mission Organization to come over and organize me already! (anyone...please email HGTV and tell them that I need help. I'm sure there's ENOUGH video footage and pics on this blog that they would be able to see enough disorder!

We made it to church today. EXCEPT, Isaac was in rare form. Just fussing and not being the good little peanut that he normally is. I ended up sitting on the couch for Sunday school...and left early because he was being a wild man. I know it's time for his terrible two's to kick in (finally)...but, I also think he's finally aware (somewhat) of his physical limitations...and it's getting to him. Like his lack of communication skills....we don't know what he wants and he can't tell us...the fact that he wants to go places...but, he can't just walk over there. I think that is frustrating him FINALLY.....so, maybe it will bother him enough to make him work harder at those areas.
or not.
and he'll just be a terrible two FOREVER....
oh my.

tomorrow. I will sew...and sew...and sew...until my little foot cramps from pressing the pedal so long. That's the plan..and I'm sticking to it.
Except, I think I'll cook a Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. I have one turkey thawed in the fridge and three more in the freezer. SO....if I go ahead and cook one...I'll be able to buy another to cook in a few more weeks. (I need another freezer).
Joe's going over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving, so the boys and I will be heading out SUPER early for our Texas roadtrip. WHOO HOO! I think we might wear our cowboy hats and post pics along the way!
or not.

just a thought.

NOW...I was looking through OLD videos...and came across THIS you tube video of ELI doing the robot. It was taken two years ago. (so, he was five years old)

AND...do you remember THIS one of Isaac in the NICU and Joe quieting him with his hands. Brings tears to my eyes. It's just short and sweet.

and finally....THIS is a new one from Eli...(shhh...don't tell him that I posted it!) This is how we clean the house...the radio was LOUD, Eli was dressed up to clean...and notice all the toys in the back ground...oh my goodness.

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The Portas said...

Ok, my heart is in a puddle after watching Isaac's video (that laught is THE BEST...and that kiss!!) AND I'm laughing my butt off after watching Eli's video. Your boys!!

You guys are going to have a blast on your road trip. I wish we could join you down in Texas. Next time!

Have a good day sewing and feast-cooking! Hugs to you all. xo

Grandma Susie said...

That was adorable! What a cute little happy boy he is with his fancy dance & laugh - that was just so fun to watch that I'm gonna do it again.

You and the boys have fun in TX but let Joe know he is always welcome here for Thanksgiving (or whenever) if he wants. We're watching the new "Star Trek" movie while the Turkey cooks - ask him, what I would have to bake to get him here? :)

jencooper said...

All I know is that I BETTER get one of those kisses while that boy is in Texas!! I am going to ask him a million times until I get one.

Maybe Bennett and Eli can have a dance contest? B busted a move to Dancing with the Stars last night! I can't wait to get those two knuckleheads together!!

I love that Isaac just dances to his own music....and that laugh....it is music to my ears!!