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Monday, November 24, 2008

Here's Mr. Isaac getting ready to eat in his high chair...I put some whipped cream on his tray...
he doesn't look too happy...

He's going in to touch it....

this is how he looks after about 10 minutes sitting up.
NOW...this chair is already reclined, and he has two towels
rolled up beside him....should I put an infant roll
around his head???

I snapped a picture of the phantom Chris doing homework...

and ...
as promised....pictures of the fancy new GOLD glasses!

This too is Eli....upside down, wedged between my legs...
(no children were harmed in the taking of this picture)

Can you tell that we don't eat at the table very often...
they don't know how to behave!

Isaac had community OT today. I LOVE her! She had all of the toys on a table that he was going to play with...to show me that she just washed them!!! He works so hard for the therapists...and doesn't even complain (that means that I'm not working him hard enough at home!) oops!

Isaac WAS ALSO up at 3am! Laughing and kicking and playing. His crib is in our room. So, I get up, change his diaper, and lay back down. Seriously, an hour goes by...and he's still laughing and ahhhhhing to himself! So, it's 4am....and I decide that Joe might need his sleep...so, I take the little man downstairs. We snuggle on the couch...in the dark...and he laughs and plays and kicks until 5:30 when I need to wake Chris up! So, I might as well turn Yo Gabba Gabba on..right?? I start feeding Isaac...get Chris off to church...and get to see Joe off to work. THEN, it's 7am and I sneak back to bed with Isaac...where he snuggles right up to me and FINALLY goes to sleep.
(at least he's happy when he's not sleeping and not screaming at me!)

Eli.....I forgot to tell you how swim practice went Friday. He jumped in the pool, screamed, and we had to leave. So, today...we have a talk. He understands how to close his mouth...he will be brave and try again. We're on our way, getting off the interstate at our exit...and he just starts screaming! (he's totally freaked out about going). He tells me that he's a little scared and just not feeling well. SO, I tell him that we can turn around and go home. He is miraculously healed!
This was the last week of lessons...so, I suppose we'll just wait until spring and start up again.

Nothing new to report on Chris. For his "prize" for a good report card...he just wanted 2 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts! and so....that's ALL we've been eating!

Jan. 1st....I'll diet then.

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Mandy said...

Come on.... you know you just wanted the donuts for yourself!!

The pics of the boys are cute.

Have a great week.

Tina:0) said...

There's never a dull moment, is there?! (lol) How do you do it?

Boy, sounds like Chris needs to learn the basics about having a bargaining chip... car, Chris, car!

The glasses make Eli look so grown up! Its just not right how an item of clothing, a hair cut, glasses, etc., can make a little one look too old!

Great job, Mr. Isaac! I know when we were finally able to get Vaeh working with therapists, she screamed from the moment she heard the knock on the door! She's soooo much more fun now!

Sending big hugs!

Rachel said...

OMGosh they are so cute. Eli looks almost exactly like my son Jackson with his glasses on. How Cute!

Rachel said...

OMGosh they are so cute. Eli looks almost exactly like my son Jackson with his glasses on. How Cute!

Rachel said...

OMGosh they are so cute. Eli looks almost exactly like my son Jackson with his glasses on. How Cute!

The Portas said...

My standing motto is, I'll diet later! :) Krispy Kremes sound awesome. Way to go, Chris!

I LOVE Eli's glasses. Cute cute!

I'm so happy that Isaac is so cooperative with his therapists. He will make great strides when he is in these phases (or hopefully more than just phases). Elijah is in a therapist-cooperative stage right now and is doing just awesome with all sorts of progress.

Enjoy the KKs....mmmm...

Lee Family said...

Sounds like your night was just like mine.
You know I think I will try the whip cream I never thought of that Thanks.


Kelly said...

Love Eli's new glasses! They make him look so old!

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family AT HOME! =)