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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OK...first...let's get the stats of the kids out of the way.

Isaac had pt today...and he showed off his new tricks. His balancing toys on his feet, sitting up straight and proper, we told her about his eating. He's grown SO much in the past 2 months. Our new goal that we set for him is to get into the crawling position (not crawling yet...but getting on all fours) within 6 months. I think he can reach that goal!!! He's only had one nap today..and he's still rolling around like a mad man on the floor! At 9:00 tonight...I tried something new. I tried taking him upstairs to my room, and put him in his crib. I came downstairs and started loading the dishwasher...and I heard him screaming. I ran upstairs..only to find him kicking and screaming with DELIGHT at the ceiling. He sees things up there...talks to them often, and they were just playing with him tonight. 40 minutes later...of non-stop laughing at the ceiling..I brought him back downstairs to bore him with my television shows.

Chris and Eli....let me just tell you about them.
We were getting ready for swim practice (Eli's). We packed his back pack--with goggles, towel, and underwear...he had his swimsuit on and his pants on. So...off we go.
We get there...and NO ONE grabbed the back pack. It's cold here tonight...but, we have an extra set of goggles in the van, a fleece blanket for him to dry off with, and he had his swimsuit on...so, we were able to finish the class. (which..by the way...he graduated from level 3!!!) While Eli was swimming...Chris and I work on his Algebra homework (multi-tasking at it's best)!

Ok...now swim class is over and I told them both (Chris and Eli) to go to the dressing room. For Eli to take OFF his suit...even though we didn't have his underwear....I told Chris to remind Eli to just put his dry pants on. So, they come out and we're headed to the grocery store. Vons has turkeys on sale for $4.88 (so, I'm getting one each day for my freezer). We're at Vons walking around...and Eli tells me that he's freezing. I look at him...and HE IS WET! He's still wearing that swimsuit! We rush through the store...check out..rush home..and he changes.

FINALLY...we can relax at home. or....so they'd like me to think. I'm getting Isaac's food ready to feed him and Chris is running around the house like a madman! What in the world is he doing??? Well...he can't find his backpack. WHERE might it be??? AT THE REC CENTER...15 miles away! So, we load BACK in the car...and there his backpack is...in the same spot we left it.

We did make it home...i did not yell (too much). Snacks were had, teeth were brushed, and the kids were in bed by 8:30!!! (can I get a whoop whoop!!)

and Joe. He made it home by 10pm!

OK...as for my food storage. For all you non-LDSer's out there....it's just recommended that we have something (at least a 3 month supply)...but, a year's supply if you can. (My parent's have a year's supply). And...it's ALWAYS been a recommendation...not just now with the elections. Growing up as a child...living on the east coast...we were always prepared. We'd lose power for weeks at a time...and always have enough food and power (because they had generators). We never had to go elsewhere for help...we were prepared. Even as a young married couple, there were plenty of hurricanes that Joe and I lived through with Chris. We had very little money...but, we did have a small storage...and we too lived for weeks just fine without having to seek outside help (even with enough to share with neighbors). SO...that's what the food storage is about. Just being prepared. I don't expect a natural disaster to happen here in Vegas...but, with the economy tanking the way it is...GREAT DEPRESSION PART 2 isn't too far in the back of my mind...so, I'm just making sure that we're ready for WHATEVER.
How's that.
Here's exactly what our church does recommend. Click here.

So...I think that about covers my day. whhhheeewwwww. it's over!!! HOORAY!
Talk to you tomorrow!

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Mandy said...

You're such a funny, little nerd. Now we all know where Eli gets it from. :)

I don't remmeber having generators. That must have been when I moved away. :)

Make sure you have enought food for my crew. You know we never have extra food here.

The Portas said...

Wow, what a day! Silly boys.

If something happens, looks like we'll all be coming to Vegas. :)

Grandma Judy said...

Please keep Eli a changing of clothes in the van. I can just see that chid shivering with blue lips.

Pam said...

Hi Kathy,
Actually I have been reading about your little guy for about a year! I have kept up with all his surgeries and hospitalization. I feel like I know you and the boys! I don't know why but I usually don't add comments on the blogs that I read. I have just started leaving one now and again. Thanks for finding Madison's site and signing it. I really enjoy your site and all the wonderful pictures you post.
Take care,
Pam and Madison

Vanessa said...

It was pretty cold here last night so I feel bad for Eli. Definintly keep an extra pair of clothes for him in the car.

So Isaac likes the ceiling huh. I wish I could do that with Arianna. LOL! He is such a doll I just want to drive to Vegas and love on him.

Thanks for explaining the food storage thing. I think it's a very smart idea.



Hannah said...

I stumbled across your blog when I was googling food storage.

If you ever need any food storage tips or recipes, feel free to check out our blog! It's a step-by-step guide for beginners and non-beginners alike. Also, we have lots of recipes that use food storage food (non-perishable) only.

Good luck with your food storage. I love your blog!

Hannah @

Lee Family said...

Kathy you are so funny you always make me laugh. My parents also have a years supply of food storage and I have NONE so don't feel bad. I think I will check out Hannah's site to see what they are doing for food storage. Take care and I miss talking to you over the phone. Karen