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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a little brotherly love....

This is Isaac giving kisses...it just melts my heart!
It's been a pretty low-key weekend. Isaac is STILL eating like a CHAMP! We see Dr. Baron tomorrow (our GI doc) and he's going to PEE in his pants when I tell him how wonderful Isaac is doing!!! I'll get some more direction on exactly how much I should feed him. He's such a super star! His sats are consistently at 94-95%. When he gets below 94, he'll need the O2 back up his nose...but, we're holding off as long as we can! He's LATE getting his synagis shot...I will not vent about that...but, if he gets sick this month...I can tell you that SOMEONE is going to feel the wrath of KATHY!

Eli and Chris were excited to know that they are out of school Monday and Tuesday. Seriously...we complain that the kids in the US aren't as highly educated as other countries...yet, we think they need a day out of school every 2-3 weeks!

I have SEVEN turkeys in my freezer now...no more will fit. If there's a disaster...you can all come to my house for turkey. I have TWO pumpkin pies in the oven...and I will have them both eaten by tomorrow. (It's like an early Thanksgiving!)

I hope that everyone had a great weekend...and we ALL have a nice, easy, SLOW week!

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Vanessa said...

OMG...Isaacs kisses just melt my heart too!!!

I'm so happy he is eating so well. Arianna has been eating pretty good lately to. Keep it up kiddos!

Mandy said...

You and your pies. You're crazy. Just start making Thanksgiving for my house and send it to me. I'm the one that will have four missionaries over. :)

Have a fun Monday and Tuesday with the boys. Make them take naps with you after lunch.

Amber said...

Kathy...you are a MACHINE! Sewing, baking, storing enough food for all of us...slow down, you'll make the rest of us look bad. :0)

Gotta tell ya, that kiss...got me. Yum-my!

The Portas said...

We have lots of venison to contribute to the end of the world bash. It should be fun! :)

What a champ, still eating so well! AHHhhh, I'm so happy about this!

The kisses are ADORABLE. My heart is melting, too.

Have a good day with all the boys! I want a day off. I wish we got days off work every couple of weeks.

Grandma Judy said...

Oh...kissy kissy. How cute!

Tina:0) said...

I just love that he'e eating!! I'll bet he'd do much better if Momma would share some of that pumpkin pie?! (lol)

What a kissy face - LOVE IT!!! Whatch out in about 12 years... you're gonna have your hands full!

Hope your weekend was better than ours...have a great week!

jencooper said...

Oh - those kisses just made me melt a little. Seriously - my heart is so warm right now.

Seven turkeys?? You crack me. I am coming to your house.

OKay, I want to come teach in Vegas. We haven't had a day off since Labor Day - and won't until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Seriously - I need a break!!

I can't wait until I can come and get some Isaac kisses for myself!