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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ok...this one is a little blurry...but, oh so cute!Just rollin' around!

Eating my tube...

Playing with my tube...

He's such a stinker!
Isaac doesn't need any toys...he just needs cardboard and tubes...and he's in HEAVEN!

Another good day for the boys! Eli is still taking his meds and sounding GREAT! Isaac is eating, sleeping, pooping, rolling...all the things that he does so well! Chris is procrastinating doing his homework...so I had to help him finish a project tonight (nothing EVER changes!!)..

OH...and Eli and I went to vote today. There was NO line AT ALL! I couldn't believe it. We went about 10am....it was perfect . He was able to press all the buttons, get the sticker.....he called everyone! What an insane night!!! I'm trying HARD not to voice my political opinions on you...but, ohhhh...I'm biting my tongue.

So...our church has a recommendation of having a food storage. Enough food to feed your entire family for a year. Well...I'm a bit of a slacker in that department...excuses...lame ones...but, a slacker. But, for the past few months I've just had this feeling that I needed to really start getting it together. (hence...all the cereal purchases over the past few months). So, this week I finally put up shelves in the empty bedroom upstairs...and started lining food on the shelves. BUT...my boys...(including JOE) keep going in there and stealing food! Yesterday, Eli came downstairs with a box of pop tarts. And....here goes the conversation:

Me: Eli...where did you get those pop tarts??
Eli: Upstairs.
Me: Elias...where upstairs??
Eli: From the FOOD STORE.
Me: What Food Store??
Eli: The food store upstairs. I just got it off the shelf.
Me: Eli...that's not a food store. That's food storage. STAY OUT!

and Joe keeps going up there and sneaking out ravioli and soups. He told me to keep the "name brand" cans downstairs and the store brands upstairs in storage and he'd stay out!
and Chris steals the ramen noodles (gross!).

I will need to put a lock on that door!!!

Ok....It's late, I'm just holding down the couch...and there's SO MUCH more I need to do!

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Mandy said...

Everyone... you should see the boys taking out food and Kathy getting on their case. It's really funny. But she seemed to forget to tell you that when she is cooking and is missing something, she runs up to the food store also. :) (sorry Kat)

The pics of Isaac are cute as always.

The Portas said...

I love ramen noodles, too, Chris! Yummmy. Oh man, if we would need a year's worth of food we'd be in trouble. We barely ever have a week's worth in our house. I guess we'll be going to visit the Rollers!

Cute pics, as always. I love the jammies and I also love the leg kicks.

I hope you guys have a good day! xoxoxo

Amber said...

Can i get more information...concerning the need for SO much food???? Does it have anything to do with O. ?.....The Baker's don't want to be starving and hitch hiking to Vegas...share the secret! :0)

Samantha said...

You are cracking me up! Too funny! I am glad you did not have a long line...

Guess I am off to make Isaac a pillow... :)

The food stuff is hysterical...why a year's worth? Is it something with LDS or something else...you know that you are dealing with a seriously uninformed Jewish girl here :) But...my high school boyfriend was LDS and I don't remember the one year food storage :)

Much love,

Cindy said...

Eli going to the "Food Store"! Hilarious!

Love the pictures from Halloween. What a perfect costume for the Yo Gabba obsessed little man! He looked proud as a peacock!

Where did you get the Thomas mat?? That's our obsession over here right now!!

Senidng lots of love,


Larsens said...

Good to hear from you. Your fam looks great. Christopher is so big like a teenager! Crazy!! Issac is a beautiful little boy. I loved his halloween costume, and Eli sounds like the same little character. Keep in touch!!

Vanessa said...

I'm also confused about the food storage thing. Sorry. I couldn't imagine storing so much food. We normally only have enough food to go about 2 weeks in our house.

But seriously...the Eli conversation was priceless. That kid always cracks me up. :)