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Monday, November 10, 2008

Just kickin' it on the floor!and rollin' on the floor...

and tasting a little tube...

and a little more....

and the phantom teenager....
it's blurry because he was running past me!
I took Isaac to see our GI doc today...and .......he weighs 19.14 pounds!!! He's gained about 1.55 pounds in 2 months!!! He's 31 inches long! SO...he's still NOT on the growth chart...but, still following his own curve. SO...YEAH FOR ISAAC!! Dr. Baron could NOT believe that he's eating so much be mouth. He told me to keep doing what I'm doing...we'll let him get through the winter months...and starting in Spring...we'll start decreasing his milk feeds and start making him FEEL hunger! OH...I"m SO excited!! I know he could have the tube for a few more years....but, I'm SO EXCITED at how far he's come already.

I did find a community therapy group that will take our insurance. They have room for speech, maybe OT..but, there's a waiting list for pt. NOW...I'm a little hesitant taking him OUT of the house for therapy...but, there isn't one that comes to our house that takes our insurance. BUT, I'm still making calls.

Eli and Chris were out of school today. ANd....they...played video games. That's all.

Joe made it home...and has already gone upstairs to crash...leaving me ALONE with my tutus!!! YEAH FOR ME!

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Lee Family said...

Kathy I am so happy for you that is really exciting that Isaac is eating so good by mouth. Keep on making those calls to find therapy inside the home I have been doing the same thing lately. Also there is a booklet that NEIS gave me with a lot of numbers for therapy do you have this booklet let me know I can always make copys for you. I am so glad to hear everything is going great :)
Lots of hugs Karen

Tina:0) said...

I love Mr. Isaac "just kickin' it"! He's just too cute! So glad the GI appointment went well! We're still going to hang onto Vaeh's... came in very handy for keeping her hydrated without the IV access!

Sorry, don't mean to freak you out! Yep, you can have pneumonia & not wheeze. BUT she's wheezing like a mad woman now! Poor thing!

Hope you all have a good week & stay healthy!! Give Mr. Isaac hugs from us!

The Portas said...

Isaac is doing SO WELL. What a little champ. I'm so proud! Keep it up little one. Someday soon we'll ditch that feeding tube.

Love the pics, as always. Chris lives! It's good to see his blurry, handsome face!

Have a good day, Rollers! ooxox

Grandma Judy said...

I blew up the pics to supersize, and saw Chris there with a little moustache.

I guess you now have to keep your
floors REAL clean, or Isaac will
clean them for you.

Have a good day! Tell Ma and Pa Roller "Hello".

Krista said...

I love the pics of the boys playing together...that's just priceless.

I'm so excited for Isaac (and you) about the food he's eating. He's getting it...just taking his time! And...hasn't been weeks w/out the O2...he's a different man!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Way to go Isaac! That's awesome weight gain and he's eating like a champ! Good job!

I'm confused. Doesn't Isaac qualify for Early Start services due to his delays? That's how Aubrey is getting her services (for free) for OT, PT and Speech consult. Maybe in NV it's different. I hope it all works out and you're able to find the services you need.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I think it's great to decrease milk..
but Baron is having us wait til spring to do that... after the cold/flu season...