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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

***Happy Birthday Granddaddy Joe!***
(is that how many d's are in that??)

Let's start this off with a picture of my Eli...and Isaac....

That's NOT a toilet paper roll....

It's from the spool of tulle!

He shakes and cries hysterically now when I take the tulle
from him....

OK...now for the SHOCKER!
I decided to cut Isaac's hair. It's SO long....and the back gets all matted (like a dog)
where he's on his back too much.
BUT...when I start the underneath...the clipper guard slipped...
and I didn't notice until a few LARGE CHUNKS were cut out of his head!
So...I give you Isaac with his FAUX HAWK!

The front looks cute...
it's the back that's all chunked up
(I don't know if I want to cut it all that short--where the guard slipped--
or just wait a week...his hair grows so fast, it'll even back out)

See...look how horrible the fade looks!
But, we have lots of hats for him!

Joe's on his way home. I told him he could
try fixing it if he wants....

He's still a cutie pie to me!!
I must talk fast..
I have MORE pumpkin pies in the oven,
Isaac needs meds,
I need to finish a few tutus...
and I forgot that I haven't eaten dinner yet!

So...we go to the orthodontist today. Eli will need YEARS of work...but, for now....we've got to get him to stop sucking his thumb. Chris....his teeth are so stinkin' straight..i'm so jealous! BUT, they said he NEEDED braces for TWO years! WHAT?!?!? When they show me the pics...his teeth don't line up in the back and there are two teeth out of line, and the inside of his teeth aren't straight. SO, why wouldn't I just give them 7k to fix those pearly whites??
GEEZ....they are so nice though. (that's how they get you!) BUT, they are the only orthos in Nevada that sell Invisalign for Teens..and Chris qualified to get them. SO...his new invisaligns will be in the office in 4-5 weeks...and he'll start treatment.

I don't know....is it really worth that much money?? But, we spend SO MUCH on Isaac and his needs..if this is all Chris needs, then I need to sell more tutus! AND if Chris was 7k, I can only imagine how much Eli is going to cost me. (I think I should check into going to dental school)!

Joe should be home by 10:00....oh, I miss him!
OH...and Eli told me again today that I had anger issues and he wanted new parents.
I told him, FINE...after school...just pick out a new mom. I'm not coming to get you.
Eli: mom...you're not coming to get me??
Me: NOPE...if you want new parents...you take your time and pick out whomever you want!
Eli: I'm sorry. Will you pick me up??
Eli: PLEASE...I won't say that anymore.

Then I proceeded to tell him how ugly that was, how ugly that made him sound, that those ugly words are why I have anger issues. His poor little puppy dog face (really, he just needed a nap today...and was tired)...but, what an ugly thing to tell the mom that just spent 3 hours at the dentist with you and your brother, just made you lunch, just took you to Target, AND even made you dinner!

Hope everyone else had happy, grateful children today...mine HAVE LOST their minds!

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Mandy said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Wait.. Happy birthday granddaddy Joe :)

Now back to you Kat, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Amber said...

I so get you!!!!! Ugly...oh my goodness...I just used that word this week! Emma is so pre-teen and acts ugly like....every other minute. Which is so out of character for her...I wish she only needed a nap! :0)

When Eli finds the perfect parents...please have him notify my children...they for them from time to time, as well.

The Portas said...

Oh, tired Eli.. He loves his mama so much. Sorry the ugly words hurt you. You are the BEST mama!

Isaac looks cute no matter what. His hair will grow quickly.

Ug, orthodontic work is expensive. Can't wait for that expense (assuming Elijah will have my horrible teeth).

Have a good tutu-filled day (with no ugliness)! xoxox

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness...he looks so different. I love it. I would just leave it as is, it'll even out. Boys hair seems to grow back fast. I too, have done that. But I like it short. It's adorable.


Grandma Judy said...

Kathy.....Stay away from the clippers! I'm surprised he sat there for you. Practice on Katie the dog...then move up to Issac.
Hey, you could always turn the job over to Eli. He's had plenty of practice.

Those boys love you, no matter what they say!

Andrea said...

I love Isaac's faux hawk! He is adorable! When Dan first started using the clippers on Drew he would shake because he hated the noise so much! Poor Baby!

Kathy, if I make the trip to Vegas, will you make me some pumpkin pies? That sounds so yummy!

Hope you have a good day today!

jencooper said...

I am not going to lie.....I LOVE the faux hawk. Oh my goodness....love, love, love it. Too cute.

I am sorry that Eli hurt your feelings. There is nothing worse than that! I hope that he was much better today.

I have terrible teeth - which my parents paid tons of money for! I am sorry....lots of problems with my teeth.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Love the pics...

such cute kids!!