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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday LATE night post:

**Isaac sat up by HIMSELF tonight--that means that he was laying down and sat up to reach a toy!! AND..he did this while I was in another room! But, Joe saw him do it! and...of course...he hasn't done it again:( He's been a little "off" today. He only ate by mouth once...he was just too tired the other times and couldn't hold his little head up. (maybe he's depressed about his bouncy seat)

We ALL made it to church. It was great to go...but, still...lots of sneezing going on...so, Isaac will be on LOCK DOWN soon!

We are STILL eating turkey day leftovers...and I believe that I've gained 10 pounds:( I am going to start having an eating disorder....I can't be anorexic...I like to eat too much....and I don't like to throw up...uugghhh...I don't know what I'm going to do~! I have some thinking to do.

So...school starts again tomorrow for Chris...but, Eli is on track break until Jan. 5th!! What in the WORLD am I suppose to do with him everyday....he talks my head off!!! You guys better watch out...I've got your numbers...and I'm going to start handing him the phone!

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The Portas said...

If you think of an eating disorder that doesn't involve NOT eating or throwing up, let me know! :)

YAY! Isaac sat up by himself! When Elijah first did that it was about 2-3 weeks before he did it again, but once he did it again, he has done it non-stop! That little Isaac is getting strong!

Praying for an "on" day for everyone..xoxoxox

Grandma Judy said...

Kat has to stay home with Eli.
I think it's about time to get him wound up with the Ailens again! That's always good for some interesting conversation! ! !

Put Eli on Isaac duty. Tell he can be one of the therapist, and for him to try to get Isaac to talk!
You know Eli....he will go along with ANYTHING!

It's going to be a long month!

Lee Family said...

Wow what a big step for Isaac sitting all by himself then getting up to reach for a toy that is huge he is well on his way kathy. Yeah. I am sorry to hear about isaac seat hopefully this new one will help. You just keep on eating and we will burn it off together after the holidays :)

Sarah said...

Way to go Isaac!!!
Kathy.... you just have Eli call Evan... they are brothers from another mother, LOL. Evan is never quiet... They could talk each others head off. Evan recently has begun saying "Excuse me... you interrupted me... that is rude." I explained that he talks all the time so someone was always bound to be interrupting him.

jencooper said...

Woohoo!! Way to go Isaac!! I am so proud of you. I know that you will sit up again...and then you are going to be one sitting maniac!

When you figure out that eating disorder thing, please pass it along. I LOVE to eat too!!

Tell Eli to call Bennett. They could keep each other entertained for hours!!


Vanessa said...

Yeah for sitting up all by himself!!!! That is huge. I'm sure he does miss his bouncer. Poor baby.

You can tell Eli to call me anytime! :)