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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am the mighty-all-knowing mom!!!
Look at what happened today while I was feeding Isaac....

yep....the bouncy seat broke AGAIN!
Mighty-bum snapped the steel bars in half!!!

It's a good thing that I could see this coming and ordered a new one!

I am going to email Fisher Price though....because this is suppose to hold up to 25 pounds...and he's only 19 pounds. (It doesn't say that it can't hold a 20 month old that bounces with all his might!)....maybe they should add that disclaimer.

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T and T - K and K said...

You get em Kat, Tell them you'll be there tester/advisor for new concepts. Let me know if you need references :-)

Mandy said...

Tasha, don't give her any ideas. Now she will start doing that. :)

And Kathy.... how long did you make Isaac sit on the floor while you sat back taking pics and laughing at him???? I'm tell mom!!

Sarah said...

Poor Isaac... hope you ordered that UPS Next Day...
We had an exersaucer when Evan was little that he loved and he was such a big guy - he would jump and the house would shake!

The Portas said...

Good thing you predicted this and a new one is on the way! I hope the new one holds up to his kicking and bouncing and pounds.

Looks like you guys have had a good past few days. Sorry I'm slow to check in. We've been busy!

Have a good rest of your weekend. Thanks for the Isaac pics! oxoxx

Samantha said...

I cannot believe that it broke! Oh I hope that the new one gets there soon, or he may stop eating :(

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Much love,

Grandma Judy said...

Poor lilttle Isaac. How's he going to bounce to the music now?

Cindy said...

The funniest part (since he didn't break a bone or anything) is the thought of you laughing and taking pictures of him while he's stuck strapped into that seat on the floor. It makes the pictures even better, knowing he's looking at you and thinking he wishes you would hurry up with your fun already!

Glad a new seat is on the way!

Love ya!


crabby old man said...

we need to fix him a heavy duty one.
May God Bless The Rollers