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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ok...I'll upload some new pictures tomorrow. But, Isaac just made me laugh SO HARD I thought I was going to pee in my pants! You know that he likes the cardboard rolls that my tulle is on...well, today I had to wrap up a present for one of Eli's friends. The wrapping paper was left on the loveseat...and throughout the afternoon, someone knocked it on the floor. WELL...Mr. Isaac saw the BIGGEST ROLL HE HAD EVER SEEN....and started rolling across the floor to get it! He's eating it as I type, has it all unrolled all over himself...and is just having a blast! He's not going to believe me when he's older and I tell him that his favorite toys were cardboard rolls!!!

AHH...I can't remember much of our weekend. We DID go to church (YEAH for us!). We sit in the back..away for germs....or so we always think! Someone sat behind us with a baby coughing up a lung and there was a little boy in front of us sneezing his little head of...SO, Joe and I will keep Isaac at home and alternate weeks. BUT, Joe does sing at church in December...so, anyone here in town HAS to come with us!!! (he'll make you cry!)

Oh, Eli picked out his glasses this weekend. We had his eye exam at LensCrafters....but, they only had a small selection of lenses for kids to choose from. So, I told him that we'd go to the mall....look at all the stores. BUT, he wanted to go to Wal-mart. (he always sees the vision center). SO, ok..whatever. We take him on Saturday....and he only wants GOLD frames. BRIGHT, SHINY, GOLD frames! I begged him to get others...but, Joe told me to let him pick out what he liked. SO, his GOLD frames will be in soon (about a week) and I'll post pics. NOW...isn't it sad that I had Isaac's glasses imported in from Germany and poor Eli has to get his from Wal-mart (I'm not showing favorites...am I??)

CHRISTOPHER is suppose to get his report card any day now....I have no idea when...I think all the kids are keeping it from me and not telling me that they really got them last month!
Chris went to a church dance on Saturday...looking might cute...and he said that he danced with 5 different girls! I'm SO glad that he's not shy......I can imagine what a GOOF he is at those dances! HIS FAVORITE weekend is this Friday...the Turkey Shoot with the scouts! They'll go camping and shoot it up (I guess)... Chris LOVES guns. I've told you his plans to go to the Naval Academy, then be an officer in the Marines?? Our world will be a safer place with Christopher in command!

I think that about covers it...it's 9:30 and Joe is ON HIS WAY home!
PLEASE Obama....let us all just stay at home and live off of LOVE!

OH...I almost forgot to tell you. We took Isaac to meet his new OT (this one is out in the community...not, the one from the state)...and she was SO SWEET. She appeased my germ-a-phobias and wiped down the mats with clorox wipes....and wiped everything she had before she let him touch it! Now, I'm sure he'll still get something soon...and we'll have to stay home...but, it's nice to get a little more therapy in while he's so healthy!!!

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Lee Family said...

Gold Frames I can not wait to see those...
You will enjoy your calling, When I was in the Warm Springs Stake I was on the activities committee and I had a blast I loved it, had alot of fun. Of course I did not have Logan at the time.
Feeding the Missionaries you go girl what a good deed... You will have some good luck this week :)

Mami Adame said...

No pictures??? You are the queen of pictures! I just uploaded a bunch to show off ;)
Can't wait to see the glasses! Marcelina considers them an accessory. She was sad when Angelina didn't need them!

cindy said...

Gold glasses from Walmart. Classic! You know Eli will be just as proud to be wearing them as he would be if they were the ones imported from Germany! And it was all his doing so he can't feel like the "least favorite" kid! Can't wait to see pictures.

Glad you guys got to church and you'll have to secretly record Joe singing someday so we can all cry along with you!

Way to go Chris on being such a ladies man. Now you make sure you're NICE to all these girls that are flocking to you!

Hugs to all...

Love ya!


Mandy said...

Your house is always filled with some sort of entertainment. So, what happens to Chris WHEN he brings home in report card with the C's?? I'm just preparing you. :)

Tell Eli he has to take pics and send them to us and he also has to call us when they come in.

And it's nice to see Isaac getting into more things now. :) You better finally start baby proofing your house.

Amber said...

Good for you...allowing him to get the gold ones! Seriously...that would have been a huge ordeal at this house...don't know that I would have allowed it. Inspiring.. :0)

Also...THANK YOU for the free book from Snapfish!!!! Yeah, I can't wait to get it. :0)

The Portas said...

I can't wait to see pics of Eli's cool new glasses! He sure has such a cute little personality.

I'm so glad you like Isaac's new OT and that he is able to do some good work now that he's healthy. Keep it up, little one!

I want pics of Isaac rolling around with his beloved cardboard rolls. How funny. Elijah chooses unique objects to fall in love with, too. Have a good day! With good report cards! xoxo

crabby old man said...

peace to the rollers

jencooper said...

Gold glasses?? Oh my little Eli is a balla!! I love it! I CAN NOT wait to see him stylin and profilin!

I need to see pictures of Isaac and the cardboard roll! That is hilarious! Gracie LOVES tupperware...like seriously loves it.

I hope that Chris brings home a decent report card to share.

Lots of hugs and kisses!