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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He is one handsome little Devil!
and he grooms himself...

and he smiles at everything
(don't say anything about those sideburns...I'll fix them)

So....where to begin. How about midnight...last night. Isaac FINALLY goes to sleep...and Eli comes hobbling into our room screaming and crying. His leg hurts. (If he had DiGeorge..I'd be worried). But, it does happen to him alot..I suppose it's growing pains. poor little thing.
I gave him Motrin and he slept at the foot of our bed (on the mound of blankets that stay there for him).

THEN, at 4am I start to hear Isaac moan and groan...then, I heard him poop. WHAT...in the middle of the night?? YEP..and it's yucky-runny-going-to-make-me throw-up poop AGAIN! I change it...and try to go back to sleep. Isaac is NOT. He's sitting up, falling down, kicking the rails...ready to play.

It's 5am...there's no sleep for me. So, I take my AWAKE baby downstairs so that we don't wake up Joe and Eli. We turn on the tv...and here walks Eli. (he's so nosy).

At 5:30 I go up to wake Chris and get him off to seminary...then, Joe comes down about 6:30...THEN, about 7am...my kiddos finally decide they should sleep! (but, for only an hour)

oh...my bones.

I scored some deals at Smith's today! YEAH for me!

We took the kids to the park tonight. Eli had a rash all over his face and legs when we left. He's allergic to the grass or some bush he brushed up against (poor thing can't catch a break)

good night.

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Sarah said...

That is EARLY!!! Eli sounds like me... an afternoon outside and I'm an allergy broke out mess.

The Portas said...

Goodness Eli! You certainly deserve a break, little man.

And wow, lots of non-sleeping for you guys. It hurts my bones just reading about it. I hope more sleep is in store for you all today.

Elijah has sideburns, too. Oh well. :)

Have a good day!! xo

Grandma Judy said...

Hey Eli,
Have mom feed you a banana every day or a glass of orange juice. I'll bet that will help those legs of yours!

Grandma Susie said...

I agree with Grandma Judy . . . bananas & orange juice have potassium in them for leg cramps and pain. Little boys are just gonna need them every once in awhile!
As for the outdoor allergies - my poor baby Eli! A low dose of benedryl or other anti histamine medication, NIGHTLY can keep him from having severe reactions to the "great outdoors" Believe me, I know . . . Joe starting having "serious" allergies around age six when the grass would cause his eyes to SWELL & COMPLETELY CLOSE, at which time we had to get epinephrine shots to counteract the allergic reaction along with the benedryl.
The good thing is, Eli may grow out of it. "Fingers crossed" for our little guy.

Tina:0) said...

Don't ya just love the poo diapers in the middle of the night?! (LoL) Vaeh's had a couple of them in the past couple of weeks.

Sounds like nap time during the day for you, missy! Although at least you got some good deals:0)

Hope your weekend shapes up!

cindy said...

Hey! I've been reading, but not so diligent about writing lately. Not out of lack of love, just lack of time. I haven't even updated Jakey's CB since sometime in February!! :) I can't believe the little man is going to be 2 yrs old on Saturday. Why do these babies have to grow up so fast??

Hope Eli is doing better...and that you get some sleep!!

Love ya!!


crabby old man said...

Hope the boys are doing better