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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey good lookin'....
uhhhh...what did you say?

I'm tired now...

Just cheesin' for the camera
(while watching television)

Peek a boo...
where's Chris???
We've been CRAZY here. Who's got time for details, so here's the skinny:

Eli--has the runs. (from Isaac who got it from Megan---who better keep them to himself). He missed school today because he can't stay out of the bathroom...who knows about tomorrow?

Chris--is STILL sick. He's on antibiotics....but, has the junky cough (from Isaac), runny nose, just a yucky feeling all over.

Isaac--is FINALLY getting better. Not much coughing, down to only night time neb treatments. He SAT up in the high chair today at lunch with Nora (pt) and Nicole! He's amazing!!! We're working on getting Isaac braces for his legs. (He's going to walk one day!!!) His bum is getting better from his yucky diapers.

Joe--looks like he's getting the cold the other boys have:(

Me--I whipped out a few orders today...cleaned a little house...and SCORED some freebies at the stores!!! (yeah for me!)

Now you've got the scoop...what's going on with you today??

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Sarah said...

Isaac's little face looks like it is getting much better. Sorry everyone has been sick. We have too... yucky allergies making us feel like we are dying. hugs from the princess, LOL.

The Portas said...

All those sickies, yuck! I hope you ALL shake them soon. Isaac has just the sweetest look in those pics. What a sweet boy. And Chris!! We have to see your face, too!

Get better, Rollers. Sending healing prayers your way. xoxo

Tina:0) said...

Glad to hear that Mr. Isaac is feeling better:0) I just can't get enough of that adorable little face!!! I want to squeeze those cheeks!! Give a gentle one for me, will ya?!

Now all you have to do is get those other boys to straighten up & get better, too!!

Hope you're staying well through all of this?! Take care!!

Mandy said...

Meghan didn't get Isaac sick. Isaac got sick going to soccer practice on Saturday and HE got Meghan sick. Don't try to blame your little moo moo. :) But now, we've gotta take Meghan to the doctor and get her another breathing machine. She can't get rid of the cough and junk in her chest. :(

Kelly said...

Ugh. We're sick over here too! Aubrey is coughing and gunky too. It must be that time of the year. Isaac looks awesome! Way to sit up, big boy! Your kids crack me up! =) They are all adorable!

cindy said...

Is Eli gonna be mad someday that you are telling the whole world he has the runs?? ;) Hope he and the rest of you feel better!

I'm so jealous of all your good deals at the grocery store. I keep going on the Thrifty Mom's website, then don't do anything. You have officially kicked my butt into gear!

Sending lots of love,