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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Isaac and his two favorite things...
tulle and television...

I took Isaac to the peds this morning. He just has upper respiratory infection...so, we got a prescription for antibiotics.

So, I drop off the prescription at 9am.

Go back at 12pm to pick up the meds...NOT ready. It appears that the doc didn't write down the correct dosage.

Go back to the pharmacy at 8pm...NOT ready. It appears that the doctors office didn't call the pharmacy back.

SO...my baby is still coughing, sneezing, runny nosing, gagging on his thick mucus....

tomorrow morning...I'll start making my calls.

Other than all that...nothing much going on.

I must say that I'm ADDICTED to this new bargain shopping. I may have to limit myself to one store a day. I got 18 bars of soap today....do you think I have a problem??
(shhh...the soap was free with my coupons!)

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Mandy said...

Wait, you forgot to take pics of all the stuff you got for $18.00. Everyone, Kathy thought I was crazy a few weeks ago but the same thing happened to her today. I'll let her tell the story because she makes it funnier then I ever could. :)

The Portas said...

You're an addict! :) I think bargain shopping is a good thing to be addicted to. 18 bars of free soap??

Pharmacies make me crazy. We get the same frustrations whenever we have to pick something up.

I hope you have a relaxing day today! Kisses to the sweet Isaac. oxox

hayngrl101 said...

Hi Kathy, The way I see the bargain shopping... as long as its free, why limit yourself? :) Honestly, I get enough to stock up for my family. I like to get extra because you neveer know who you might run into that is in need and having it on hand is nice because then you have some to share whenever the occassion arises. :) So happy you found the bargain shopping enjoyable.