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Sunday, March 08, 2009

What a BUSY weekend!

Joe's family is in town...and we've had fun playing with the kids...but, Isaac is still sick and I had to take Chris to the docs today. (Eli's the only one being tough and keeping the germs away--that's odd!!)

Isaac is still not tolerating his feeds...wretching and throwing up...coughing, sneezing, snot-oozing...make-me-want-to-puke-juicy diapers. Poor thing. But, he's still dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba. I believe that he knows I'm giving him extra tv time because he's sick...and he's holding onto the germs. (he's a smarty pants like that!)

Chris...the poor little thing. He didn't go to school on Friday...that's when it all started...and he just looks miserable. They think it's strep...but, he kept gagging and choking when they tried to swab him, they just gave up and gave me antibiotics for him.

Joe...had to fly to Denver Friday night for work and flew back in on Saturday night. He's just pooped. But, I'm sure he won't get any sleep tonight with TWO sick kiddos in the house!

even Katie, our dog, has had a rough few days. I took her to the groomers and they shaved all her shaggy hair off! She looks like a big rat with big ears now (she's a Yorkie that's only 6 pounds). She's probably freezing her little bum off...I should make her a sweater.

NOW...in case you're thinking about starting to be a COUPON MOM or you need to add to your stash, A Thrifty Mom is having a giveaway of $474 worth of coupons. Go to her blog and leave her a comment to be entered in the drawing. I entered one on Money Saving Mom a few weeks ago...and WON! (I'll post pics when it arrives)

Happy Shopping!

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The Portas said...

I entered! I want coupons!! :)

Yucky sickies...so sorry to hear about Chris and Isaac. Poor guys. Give them lots of love for me. :(


Sarah said...

Hope everyone starts to feel better today. I don't know how it is in Vegas but here in the Bluegrass the weather is changing back and forth so fast that everyone is sick. Evan's sinus' are really acting up. I Love Coupons! Everyone makes fun of me but... why not??? To not use them is like throwing money away!

Samantha said...

YUCKY that the boys are sick :( I am sorry they are not getting better...I am right there with you with sick kiddos...no breaks for us!

I am picturing your poor dog...bald and cold...I am shocked you have not made her a sweater yet :)

Love ya!

Tina:0) said...

Oh, no! Not the yuckies!!! Sounds like your house & mine are a lot alike at the moment:0( Hopefully soon we'll all be germ free & outside in the fresh air!!

I'm going to enter for those coupons! Who couldn't use them?!

Give Isacc big hugs from us - after the hand sanitizer bath, though:0)