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Sunday, March 01, 2009

another day...

whooo hooo and what a day it was.

Isaac is still coughing...it's very junky. He started wheezing today, but the breathing treatments are keeping it under control--and his sats haven't gone below 94. Other than the cough, and a few moments of flowing snot...he's still rolling around like a mad man. AND...my madman can army man crawl/swim on the floor now!!! He looks like he's going to crawl, then lays down, stretches out his arm (like he's swimming) and glides on his side to propel himself forward. (I'll catch him on video this week and show you...you will NOT believe it!)

Now...Joe took Mandy to Nascar today. (He got suite tickets from work...so, he kinda had to go). Mandy (this is my sister that lives here now)...she just LOVES her some Nascar and was in HEAVEN all day! So, I had her two kids while they were at the race. Seth and Eli played games and watched movies...and Megan played until she fell asleep for a nap. (can I get a whoop whoop....that's FOUR kids...and Chris was here and he had a friend over too. SO...that makes SIX KIDS!) ahhhh...it wasn't hard at all....they were all angels.

Monday....Joe will be back at work, Chris at school, and Eli has the day off. I'm still deciding whether I should take Isaac to the peds. He doesn't have a fever and his ears aren't draining....so, I'll decide in the morning...depending on his night.

AND...i MISSED the heart walk here on Saturday. Eli had soccer and Chris had the baptisms....so, the heart walk was the thing that we had to miss:(

Do you or your kiddos play Rock Band or Guitar Hero??? Mine do (and so do we). It's SO funny...hearing them sing the Beastie Boys or Aerosmith...just cracks me up. They're like, "Mom...have you ever heard this song....No sleep...til' Brooklyn??" I LOVE IT!

The weather is LOVELY here...we might turn the pool heater on this week!
I hope everyone had a great weekend...and an uneventful week!

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Sarah said...

The Pool??? It was 19 this morning with wind that smacked you in the face and knocked the breath out of you. I'm coming to Vegas.

The Portas said...

Poor little coughing Isaac. He and Elijah would be a great pair! I hope his junkiness clears up soon. It's no fun for them to work so hard..

I want to swim in your pool! That sounds heavenly. Why do I live here again?

I loved your post about your little homeless man. It makes me so sad that he won't accept much from you. Here's a homeless person who isn't buying liquor, and he's afraid to take anything from anyone.. that breaks my heart! You are such a good person for trying. Keep it up! Maybe once he sees you as a friend, he'll be more eager to accept. You're awesome.

Have a good day! Get better, sweet Isaac. oxox

crabby old man said...

Hope the little man is feeling better