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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What are you looking at???
I don't know...
what are YOU looking at???
(still has the crazy eyes...I know..I'll put the glasses back on)

Wanna see my hand disappear???

Yeah...it's me...
chillin' on the floor...

Eli's still sick...
just sleeping in really late...
and still has the yucky cough:(
FIRST...i got a call tonight from the genetics doc.  She got my labs back..and I DO NOT have the chromosome deletion for DiGeorge.  SO, he didn't get it from me.  Now...Joe needs to have his checked.  But, she said that 90% of the time...when kiddos get this deletion...it's just a fluke.  NOW...if Isaac ever has kids, they have a 50% chance of having the deletion (I'll be talking to him about adoption).

ahhh...now I can't remember what else I was going to tell you.
 old age.

Oh...I know.  Nora (my wonderful pt) came over today.  She had Isaac pulling up to stand on his knees (not his feet).  This is HUGE...he looked so big pulling up!  We're going to hold off on the leg braces until he puts a little more pressure on his feet...he only does it for a few seconds, then becomes "Mr. Jelly legs".

Chris is alive and well.  He doesn't know how to clean his room...so, we'll have a class tomorrow on that subject (hush mom...I know what you're thinking).

There's so much to do each day...and not enough time to do it.  
I should cancel cable...that would give me more time in each day and make my belly slimmer.
BUT...there's no need to go to such extreme measures (yet?).

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Mandy said...

Your mom thinks that she's sooooo funny. Tell her that Aunt Mandy will get her :)

Be nice to me :D

Everyone, Kathy forgot to say how sweet I am and that she LOVES me, and that she's sooo happy I'm here, ...... (should I continue Kat??) :)

Okay then, lets just start planning the birthday party with or without help from Kathy.

The Portas said...

Wish I could help plan a birthday party!!

Ohhh, I hope Eli starts to feel better soon. How great to hear Isaac was pulling up to his knees! He's really getting stronger!

No need for extreme measures such as canceling cable. :) Oh, are you going to watch Lost tonight? Can't wait! Have a good day..xoxo

Sarah said...

That sleeping picture of Eli... so cute. He is a handsome little guy.

Tina:0) said...

Cancel cable... with three boys in the house? Are you NUTS??? You have to have some form of distraction, right? (LoL)

Poor Mr. Eli - hopefully the sickies are gone soon. Its no fun when someone in the house is sick:0(

I just love those pics of Mr. Isaac:0) AND pulling up to stand?!?! Way to go Isaac!!! High 5's all around!!

Hope the birthday goes well this weekend. The next thing you know, he'll be turning 16 & wanting the keys to the car - LoL!!