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Saturday, March 07, 2009

It's 1am and I'm up giving myself a breathing treatment...

this is what happens when I clean and stir the dust...it's much better to just leave it and be able to breathe!

It seems to be the week for synagis shots...and Isaac got his also:( I think she did one too hard..he was bleeding alot through his little band aid! But, we're on the calendar for next month...when everyone else seems to be over (but, I will Not complain about that...Isaac might)

Mr. Isaac is still sick. Coughing, wretching and throwing up every feed, yucky poops (now his little bum is red). But, through all the yuck...he's still one happy little guy. I am still trying to catch his little army man crawl on video. It's only a few paces...but, oh so cute.

Chris stayed home from school today because he too has the sickies.

Eli...is healthy..for a change. But, he has soccer practice at 8am (who in their right mind wants to chase kids outside that early in the morning??) I asked Mandy if she'd take Eli and I'll watch Meghan. It's cold here this weekend....only highs in the 60s! (seriously....Eli will be all bundled up in the morning)

Joe isn't here. He had to fly to Denver for work tonight..but, he'll return tomorrow night.
One day...we'll meet again.........one day.

I have been making some AWESOME Walgreens purchases this week. Seriously....I don't know when to stop...I bought MORE SOAP TODAY! MORE TOOTHPASTE! Children's pepto! ahhh!
I just get this "high" from scoring a good deal...and I have been floating all week (I guess it's a good thing that I don't do drugs...I sound like I could have an addictive personality--huh Samantha!)
If you ever need any soap....call me!

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crabby old man said...

Hug the boy's for me

The Portas said...

Oh...sorry about the Isaac sickies. I gotta see his cute army crawl!!

COLD in the 60s??? That sounds like heaven!

Kathy, you'd be so proud of me. Dan and I spent a chunk of yesterday cutting out coupons and planning out a week of getting some good bargains. It's fun!!