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Monday, March 02, 2009

Isaac only had a few coughing fits today...so, I decided to NOT take him to the peds. THEN, I talked to Joe. He asked why I hadn't taken Isaac to the docs....and I told him that he wasn't that bad. He said, "you didn't hear him coughing all night? I even got up two times to check on him!".
WHAT!?!?! Isaac sleeps in his crib on MY SIDE OF THE BED....and I didn't hear him. (That benadryl must have really knocked me out). Now, I feel horrible! I called the peds, they were all booked today, so I have an early morning appointment to get him all checked out. My poor baby! I have been giving him breathing treatments when the wheezing starts....and it's working fine.

Eli had soccer practice tonight....and I didn't want to take Isaac out in the wind...so, I watched Megan (my 2 year old niece) and she took Eli to practice with Seth. NOW....Megan had the runs today...and I was a little freaked out that she might poop on my watch (you know that I can't take other babies' poop).....thank goodness we had little people pepto!!! She was perfect..no Poop for me!!!

Now...I'll get Isaac's night meds ready, feed him....and stay up all night in guilt to make sure that I hear every cough and sneeze...

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Mandy said...

Everyone, Isaac got my Meghan sick!! She was fine until a few days ago when she spent a few hours with the Rollers!!!

Okay, now for the important stuff...

***********************************Birthday Express has Yo Gabba Gabba birthday supplies!! :)


The Portas said...

Phew, no non-Roller poop on your watch! :)

Poor coughing Isaac. For us, it's usually Dan who wakes up and says, "Elijah didn't cough much at all last night!" and I say, "Uhhhhhh, you must be talking about the other Elijah.."

I hope you get a good report from the doctor. Have a good day! xoxo