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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ok...let's talk about the good first...
my grocery shopping for the week...
Wanna' guess what I paid for all this?
(oh wait...I already told you a few days ago...)
do you see what's in there...2 sodas, a 12 pack of soda, 2 gallons of milk,
1 box of cereal, 1 dozen eggs, 2 packages of refrigerated sugar cookies,
1 frozen meal, 4 lunchables, 6 bananas, 7 jars of baby food, and a pack of diapers..
yep...that's it. da da da da.....
(yes...you can give me a WHOOP WHOOP!)
ok...the thrill of the deal is now over.
My Isaac is sick. He's still got the junky cough. I was up at 2am giving him breathing treatments. His nose is stuffy, runny, stuffy, runny. He's thrown up with every feed. and NOW...he has the RUNS! serenity now...serenity now.... It's going to be ONE LONG NIGHT!
and...look at the time. 10pm...and my hubby is STILL at work.
(I'm tired of having to type in all caps--if only Isaac would get better and Joe would get home!)

Mandy took Chris to swim practice tonight for me and picked up Isaac's antibiotics (finally..they were ready!). Now...you want to hear something funny. The doc alternates antibiotics for Isaac. So, this time he's on Augmentin. He said, "this is going to give him loose stools. Put him on the brat diet (bananas, rice, applesause, toast)." I said, "oh really, you think all that's going to fit in his tube??"
Now...he HAS the runs...BEFORE I gave him the meds.
So, you know me...trying to be proactive...I dissolved a kids pepto and gave a little pink treat in his tube after his last yucky-I'm-going-to-puke diaper.

Do you know how many drugs this kid is on? Let me share with you:
Baclofen (4 times a day) for throwing up
Enalapril (2 times a day) for blood pressure
Claritin (1 time a day) for allergies
Prevacid (2 times a day) for reflux
Singulair (1 time a day)for allergies
Aspirin (1 time a day)thins blood for heart
Lasix (1 time a day) reduces fluid for heart
Pulmacort (1 time a day) for lungs
Xopenex (as needed...and it's about every 4-6 hours lately)for lungs
pepto (now...3 times a day) for yucky diapers
hydro-something (3 times a day)for eczema itching
robitussin (3 times a day)for yucky cough

and a diaper change about every hour. (I have this "thing" about wet diapers)

and I wonder where all the time goes during the day?

is prince charming...
sleepy little man.

He's still the most flexible kiddo out there...
strangers are in awe when they see his acrobats.

His legs are ALWAYS in the air!
I've just finished a bowl of cereal...for that burst of energy (Cheerios with 3 scoops of sugar--nothing better!)...I guess I'll go and tackle the guestroom....there is a bed somewhere under all the laundry!

oH...if you were wondering about the other boys. Chris did bad on an Algebra test, good on an Algebra quiz, and got a great workout tonight at swim practice. Eli lost a tooth at school today...brought it home...and lost it in the house (should the toothfairy leave money if she can't find the tooth--because with my luck--she'll leave money tonight, and he'll find the tooth tomorrow and expect MORE money!) Then, Eli choked Chris and Chris punched Eli...so, I grounded them both.

that's about it.

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The Portas said...

"That's about it.." :) That is quite a day! I'm so sad that Isaac is a sicky boy. :( Poor little guy. Give him some extra loves for me. I hope you guys were able to get some sleep last night.

Dan is going to be so jealous of your grocery savings. Every week he gets upset if we don't save a certain amount at the grocery store. He'll have to step up his game.

Does Isaac's ped prescribe Robitussin for Isaac? E's ped has never mentioned it as an option, even with all the coughing he does. I just figured he was too young to have it. Maybe I'll call and ask now!

Have a good healing day. xoxoxo

Lee Family said...

I am sooooo sorry he is sick and all of that junk. I have lots of pedialyte coupons of you need them and I have plenty of pedialyte that Logan will not use. I am going to call you after logan has therapy and I am going to come by and drop all of this stuff off to you. I have baby food, coupons and Pedialyte. Logan has therapy it ends at 10:15am I will call you then.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that Isaac is so sick. I hope he gets better very soon and you get some rest. I am also now addicted to coupon shopping it takes a lot of time but it sure makes you feel good when you save some money. Shay is flexable just like Isaac it is amazing the way they can twist their little bodies.

Kelly said...

Wow! I don't know how you keep all those meds straight! It's a good thing he's got you as a superstar Momma!

I'm hoping these sickies go away FAST!

Good job on the bargain shopping! That's amazing!

Vanessa said...

It's 2am and I am finally catching up on you guys. I'm not so happy to hear Isaac is sick. :( Hope he feels better soon. I'm also curious who prescribed the Robitssin?? I thought our kids were too young for that. ??

Ever since you told us about A Thrifty Mom (I forgot her name) I am always on her site. You all need to share this stuff with me so I can save some money then take a trip to Vegas to see you guys! :)

Well...I'm way to tired to type anymore. Give the kids my love.

Samantha said...

KATHY! Your world is NEVER dull!!! YAY on the groceries...you are a champ! I cannot believe all the meds...wait yes I can :( Micah is slowly dropping his...we are on a bunch of the same...Lasix (BID), Enalapril (BID), Aspirin at night, and then our seizure meds :(

Hang in there my friend. I know I have been real absent, things in my world are truly out of control...I need some of that serenity now too! Noah's tummy is doing what Isaac's is :(

Much love,