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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last year this time...
Eli was playing t-ball...not soccer....
and Isaac was doing the same thing...
he still has the crazy eyes...
but, not O2 up the nose..
yeah for Isaac!
Slacker mom today didn't take any pictures.  Hope you enjoyed the flash back!

All the boys are great.  I was able to make a CVS and Walgreens freebie run today...(that just gets my blood pumping!).  Isaac fell asleep tonight on the living room floor about 7:30!  I guess he's a big boy now, and I don't need to watch his every move...do you think he's ready to be put in his crib now when it's bedtime??  He just falls asleep on the floor in the living room, lights on, tv on, kids running around, phone ringing...and he sleeps.  I've just been on-guard with his choking and gagging...but, he's doing well lately.  

Maybe I'll just buy myself a video baby monitor....then, maybe I can put him upstairs without me.  You know he still sleeps in my room....yep...in his crib...but, right beside my bed.  (I'm just not taking any chances with my angel!)

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Mandy said...


You forgot to post Happy Birthday to Dean!! :)

Sarah said...

You know Evan just turned 5 and is for one of the first times ever (he had a few stints) sleeping in his room, alone, all night. Right now I'm very uneasy and feel like a limb is missing to my side : (

The Portas said...

We've always had Elijah in his crib in his room, but I'm a baby monitor nazi. I ALWAYS have it on as high as it will go and it is with me at all times. He has just had too many croup, coughing issues not to do that. Even when I'm taking my nightly bath, the monitor is sitting two inches from my ear!

YAY for a good day for all of you, and thanks for the flashback! Oh, and you would be so proud of our Walgreens savings last weekend. We practically stole from them we got such a good deal. I love it! :)

Wishing you another good day. xoxo

jencooper said...

YEA!! I am finally getting to post. Our computer died again! I think that Craig has it fixed until they send us a new hard drive. I am so sorry that I have been absent lately.

Isaac is such a cutie pie. We need to get Eli and Bennett together. Bennett just started his first season of soccer too. He loves it!!

I am glad that all is well in the Roller household. I need you to teach me all of your thrifty tips!

PS - Bennett has been wearing his Lightning cape EVERYWHERE! Even to the hospital for our support group meeting......


Grandma Susie said...

Wow! Isaac has grown up so much. He looks so young to me in the pictures from last year.
Thanks again for all your help Kathy while the family was in Vegas - I miss all of you already!!!!
Glad to know everyone is doing well again - just use your great "moms intuition" on deciding when to put Isaac in his crib for bedtime, but the video cam is a good idea too.
Your CVS & Walgreen deals are inspiring . . . Dean is the bargain hunter for us, and he's not afraid to cut coupons either, but I don't think he could keep up with your coupon book! That thing is amazing! You go Kathy.