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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's my Isaac's shiner...
can you see it??

Here's a better shot...
I just happened to snap it in a blink...
finally....a perfect shot!
ok...don't judge me...
but, here's the closet under the stairs...
where we keep junk and shoes.
Here's the after:
there is a floor....

and look at what I found...
28 boxes of cereal!!!
ooppps...I forgot that they were in there...
on a shelf...in the WAY back!
(and if you're smart enough to count...I already
took some away and put them in our pantry)

Bravo for me.  I wish that I could brag about a new area that I transformed...but...I've slacked off a bit today.  Isaac is still snotty...but, he did eat yogurt for dinner tonight (and if you were wondering...his poop is back to normal!)  yeah for Isaac!!!

Eli threw up tonight.
serenity now....serenity now...

Joe's still out of town...and Eli keeps sneaking in my bed at night.  It's a big bed...and I don't even know he's there until morning.  Maybe Joe will take over Eli's top bunk and they'll just switch up...or, maybe we should put the top bunk over Isaac's crib.  Nothing wrong with FOUR people sharing a room (although...Chris might get jealous and then I'll need to put the sofa bed in our room too).  We should just move into a studio apartment...we can't seem to get enough of each other!

It's been a LONG day!
Thanks for checking on us!

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Lee Family said...

Hope all that Cereal has not expired yet. Now see what you can find if you get organized. I am so proud of you Kathy. Great job!
I am sorry to hear about Eli I hope he stops throwing up and does not get worse.
Try and have a good day tomorrow.

The Portas said...

I like the studio apartment idea. :) And great job on organizing. It looks great! Do you want to help out with our storage closet? Dan and I have been avoiding it for about a year.

I hope Eli's tummy is feeling better! Have a good day..xo

Tina:0) said...

No judging here... you haven't seen my house:0) So when are you coming to Ohio to organize my house?!

The shiner doesn't look to terrible... thankfully you weren't scheduled for pics with a photog!

Hope poor Mr. Eli is feeling better soon. His sneaking into your bed sounds like Gabby with sneaking into mine! Since Jon's gone most of the week, she gets pretty good at it!

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Sarah said...

I'm cracking up - we must not be able to get enough of each other either. Poor Evan is doing good but, he has snuck back into our room every night this week.

Jane said...

I can't believe what a big boy Isaac is! He's looking so grown-up. I wish I would find some extra food in my pantry!

Sorry you keep having illnesses over there. We're in the same boat here and it's no fun.

Get well!

Melanie said...

I can't believe you had all that cereal and didn't know it!! I never buy in bulk for that reason!

Do you ever get a break from vomiting???

The closet looks great but, when did you get the time???


Wendy said...

Hi Kathy!

Oh my goodness....how did I miss this?! Happy Belated 2nd Birthday, Isaac!!!! I loved his Mardi Gras party pics! You're too funny, Kathy...your journal entries always crack me up! :)

Isaac's looking more like a big boy and less like a baby....how does that happen?! Someone needs to tell these kids to SLOW DOWN! He's such a cutie....

Your boxes of cereal made me laugh out loud. We do that, too, and then our kids decide that they don't really like that kind of cereal anymore. I can't win!

Give that handsome little man a great big birthday hug and kiss from us! You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers even though I don't post very often.

Oh, and my mom used to call our bedroom "Camp Kubiak" because all of our kids ended up in our room with their sleeping bags. ha! These days it's usually just us and Emma....in our queen-sized bed. (We need a king!)

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!) ~ 3-years-old, 6q deletion, TOF


P.S. Didn't know if you'd ever heard of this....I'm passing it around to all of our "hero" friends.


jencooper said...

That is a LOT of cereal!! Wow.... so when are you coming to Texas?? My office is a disaster. Maybe you could use a cae and fly here?

By the way - Bennett asks everyday to "call Miss Kathy." When I ask him why, he replies, "I like her. She is nice. She is funny. Let's call and talk to her!"

Isaac is adorable....shiner and all. I have a picture similar to that one of Bennett when he was about that age.

I hope that Eli is feeling better.

We still play musical beds on a nightly basis here. None of us usually wake up in the same bed that we started in!