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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancing Eli...Turtle Isaac...

He is not only our BEAVER (you got it Kelly!)....he's also our little TURTLE!
He still eats in his bouncy seat (because he can't swallow sitting straight up)...
anyway...once he's finished eating...if I don't promptly remove him from the bouncer...he decides to flip it over and crawl around the house!

Seriously...this boy is getting into everything!
Here's the flip...
Notice...I was going to get a rag to wipe off his face...
he's still got food coming out of his mouth!
Look at those leg muscles!
another shot of the food in his mouth...
head down again...
legs up!
He's a MAD MAN!
He's threw up twice today. What a yucky way to end the day.
We did go and see our ENT today...and for ONCE in his life...Isaac's ears look PERFECT!
(I wish I could take a pic of his ear canal for YOU!)

Here's a video from Eli's Christmas program. He's towards the front in a red shirt and khaki pants. (he gets his dance moves from his dad!)

I have a few more videos of that night...but, don't want to bore you all in one post!

Tomorrow night is HIS Christmas choir concert...I'll bring the flip video (nope Jen...I haven't found mine yet...but, we DID find Chris')
Someone is a little spoiled....don't you think??

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The Portas said...

Ok, I am so impressed with Eli's cute little dancing skills! Look at him shake his hips and moooove! I love it!

Isaac is so funny. Crawling around with a bouncy seat stuck to his bum! :)

Soooo glad to hear that those ears are looking perfect and PRAYING that the throw-uppies stay away!!

Grandma Judy said...

Oh Eli.....you are such a darling!

Isaac, Keep mom straight!

jencooper said...

I am loving it!! Bennett's Christmas program is tonight...and he got in trouble at practice yesterday for not standing still while he was singing!!

Isaac - you are a goose!! Look how strong you are getting!! And I am digging your Gabba shirt!! I wore mine on Sunday.

I can't believe that you haven't found your camera. I will ask Misty to search her car and see if it is in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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