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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A smarty pants

Mr. Eli was the ONLY kiddo in his class to get on the "A" honor roll!
Can't you just see the excitement in his eyes??

Here are my two boys celebrating at school!
This weekend, my sister, Christy, came down from Utah and brought her FOUR kids! WHEW...that was a houseful...and it was so fun! There's Kenny (8), Luke (5), Catherine (2), Jake (2 or 3 months). Here's my jealous Isaac and little Jakey. I think I'm ready for another one...don't you??
ok..maybe NOT just yet...but, it sure was fun!

THIS is Catherine. She's Isaac's age. She scares Isaac to death! The moment that she walks over to him...he starts crying. She means well...she likes to bring him his toys and paci...
BUT...he just doesn't like anyone in his space...and he cries.
THIS is Catherine. She is Isaac's age. She scares Katie, our dog, to death!
Poor doggy kept hiding in Chris' room to stay away from her.
BUT...she had fun (I think).
And for Master Isaac. He's been a little "off". He doesn't quite need O2 yet. But, he's started throwing up twice a day...so, something's brewing. Other than those periods of the day where he just isn't acting normal....he's a wild man. We have to constantly find him in the house. He's either in the bathroom licking something gross, in the laundry room looking for shoes to lick, or outside (without permission) licking rocks. You know...Eli's nickname is "Lick"....but, I think we need to give that name to Isaac~
He's still as cute as EVER! We all made it to church today (including Kenny, my nephew that stayed with us for the weekend). It was a great morning...wonderful music, great lessons, and lots of fun chats with friends. I LOVE it when a day starts off like that!
Tomorrow...we're meeting Lisa (another heart mama) at the park (and Mandy's--other sister) is back in town...so, we're taking ALL the kids! It's suppose to be sunny and 60...I hope so!

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Grandma Susie said...

OMG! The "A" Honor Roll - I am so proud of you Eli!
Glad you guys had a fun weekend, keep it going for your birthday (coming up) Kathy, and Christmas, all happening "this week" - Love you guys.

The Portas said...

Wow, way to go, ELI!!!! You should be so so proud! (We all are!)

I'm so glad you had fun family time this weekend. Sounds like a house full! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas week. Please give Mr. Lick some hugs for me.