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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas music to get you in the MOOD!

This was Christopher's FIRST song at the concert. Can you see him? He's on the end, second riser from the top. (doesn't he look like James standing there?)
James is my little brother...Chris looks like he should have been their child.

The Rollers will NOT be sending out Christmas cards this year. WELL...I mean..if I get some crazy rush to take a pic, make the cards, address envelopes, put stamps on all of them...AND actually get them to the post office. Don't worry...I"ll wish you all a Merry Christmas on that day! BUT...also...I was trying to cut Isaac's hair today...and for the first time EVER...he threw a fit...and I cut a bug chunk out of the side, I didn't get to finish...and oh my goodness...he can't be on a Christmas card (unless I put a hat on him)!

So...maybe I'll send out cards next year!

Guess what??
JUAN delivered our television today! Joe set it up tonight...and it is glorious!!!
bye bye tiny tv!
(don't ask how I know who Juan is...LONG story!)

I went to see Logan and Karen today! They live SO FAR away now...It's like taking a drive up to Utah! BUT...the drive was SO worth it!! Thanks for letting me see you guys today!

Here's the pic we took on the Santa train last week. I suppose I could photoshop the people out of the back ground...and put THIS pic on holiday cards...
OR...you could just print out a copy and write a little holiday message on it for me!
thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Notice the SHORT SLEEVES! The weather this week has been GORGEOUS!
Sending sunshine your way!!

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The Portas said...

Yes, please, could you send some of that warmth this way??

The singing sounded great! Good job, Chris!

I absolutely love the Santa pic. I could crop those people out of the background for you easily!

We want to see the new tv! And don't feel guilty if you don't get Christmas cards out. I haven't gotten them out for the past two years.

Lee Family said...

Yes I want to se the new tv also.

Thanks again for driving out to Utah to see us yesterday :)

Have a good weekend.

jencooper said...

I love to see that handsome boy sing!! It was great!

I can't believe little Isaac threw a fit! He is such a 2 year old!

I will try to forgive you for not sending Christmas cards.....

Love you guys!!

cindy said...

Way to go, Chris! And you looked so handsome in your tux! Now..could you please hurry up and get to be 6 ft tall?

Christmas cards. I ordered mine, sent out 5, and now don't know where the rest are. Sigh...you are forgiven.

Love the cutie pie pics of Isaac... and silly Eli! That boy is the biggest ham! :)

Love ya!