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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday in Texas...

and the story continues...

A YUCKY rainy day. BUT...ended up being SUPER FUN!
We had lunch with Jen, hubby, kiddos, sister and her kids, her mom, Cindy, Steph, and Jakey...whew...there was a BIG table full of kids!
We ate at Babe's (right Jen?)...some finger lickin' good country food! (don't worry...I wore my big sweater so that I could eat as much as I wanted).

After lunch...we had to go and buy swimsuits. WHY?? Well...I didn't pack any. AND...we were headed HERE:

Yep. That's ONE BIG waterpark! Jen and I were talking and decided that although we LOVED staying at her house for the weekend...we might get in their way on Monday morning while they're trying to get off to work and school....and we're trying to pack. SO, the boys and I got a room at the Great Wolf Lodge...and we all were able to frolic in the waterpark for FREE!!!
And let it be known that Jen and Mysti made me ride on the scariest slide...I almost died.
I didn't...
and I didn't ride another slide either.
This is what I did:

and here's what Isaac thought about the water:

What a wonderful thing to do on such a cold and rainy day.
Little did I know that all that rain that we were getting....
would be SNOW on our way home on Monday. We didn't drive in any...but, there was snow on the sidewalks at every stop...and the boys HAD to make sure and throw snowballs every chance they got.

We had such a great time while we were there....
and we'll be back!
And Crabby Old Man...we're headed to your house next!

and for today.
I am tired.
Isaac had the shaky legs all night...
Eli needed a breathing treatment about 2am...
Joe snored a little....
and Isaac decided to wake up before the sun and we were UP and downstairs by 4:45!
I went back to sleep....after starting Isaac's feeds, getting Chris out, and making Joe and Eli's lunch. (about 6:30am)
THEN, my alarm went off again.
I just wanted to lay in the bed. Eli could go into school late...right??
but, no....I decided to get my big ole' bum out of bed and get my little guy off to school.
Where I then decided that retail therapy was the ONLY thing that would get me through the day.
MACY's....I heart you!!!
(I'll have to show you pics of that trip tomorrow)
(Joe's in here...he'll see)

Thanks for checking on us!

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Mandy said...

I'm glad you had so much fun. I kept telling you that you needed a mini vacation. And as for Macys goes, I bet that made you feel better also. :)

The Portas said...

That waterpark looks awesome!! Isaac looks so stinkin cute sitting in the water. Little sweetie pie..

I hope good rest is on the agenda for you today. Oh, and tell your boys that if they want to throw some serious snowballs to come visit us because we are getting major snow right now.

Sending you hugs today. Excited for Macy's pics! :) xo

Lee Family said...

oh I want to go to Macy's I love there sales, I have a credit card. OH wait that is a very bad thing.

Glad you had so much fun next time you are going to have to take me :)

jencooper said...

Yep....Babes....one of my favorite restaurants ever!

And...finding swimsuits wasn't an easy task!!

Please allow me to clarify....ELI wanted you to go down the slide with him...Misty and I just went along. (By the way....my legs hurt SO BAD the next day from climbling those stairs a million times with Bennett!) But the slide was scary....and tons of fun!

Bennett sure is missing the boys. He can't wait to see them again.

Grandma Judy said...

I had to blow up the picture to see exactly what it was. That looks pretty neat. Your dad sings along with the comercials everytime they come on.....Great Wolf Lodge. Since the one just opened in Concord, the commercials are on TV all the time.

Hope Isaac didn't pick up any germs!

Tina:0) said...

Sheesh... I'm tired just reading catching up! Hope everyone is beginning to feel better. Thankfully its staying away from the girls. Me on the other hand, I've been trying to cough something up for a month. Maybe my Christmas present will be to stop coughing!!

So trips to Utah, Texas, when are you coming out Ohio way?!

Hope you guys have a good week!

cindy said...

Don't forget about tables! One thing I learned...Isaac can eat a mean table edge!! haha

Hope things are settling down just a bit. Can't wait to see the Macy's pics!!