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Thursday, December 03, 2009

I have a SURPRISE for you....

Here...we have Isaac...
just watching television...
chomping on his hands....

Do you SEE what I SEE??
(and I haven't lowered it yet--
is it wrong that I took a picture instead of lowering
the mattress?)
He stood up all day long today....
pulling up, standing for a few seconds, and then sitting
back down....only to repeat the process moments later!
He's amazing! Although, I have to say.....I think starting off our morning with leg braces and 30 minutes in the stander helped to get him going today. THEN, he ate baby food for breakfast.
THEN, threw up the babyfood.
THEN, napped because he wretched and threw up so much.
THEN, started pulling up like a madman!

Now...it's after midnight...and my sweet hubby just came home from work. I am pooped, he's pooped, and I'm tired of changing poopy diapers (did I mention that I changed about 10 today)
Where does it all come from?? He doesn't eat that much??

I need to tell you about our Friday (the 2nd day into our road trip)
I set my cruise control and we made it to Jen's house without any drama! Chris wanted to eat at Golden Corral. (yes...everyone thought we were crazy) Chris just LOVES to eat spaghetti and rolls and more rolls. (no, we can't take him to a nice Italian restaurant...it's too flavorful for him...he needs bland food)
It was so awesome meeting Jen and her family for the first time. It felt like we had known each other for years (which we have, just on blog world)....the kids all played well. I couldn't have felt more welcomed.

I'm sure more happened that day....but, you know my memory...and when it's gone, it's GONE.
So, I'll ask Chris and Eli if anything else super funny happened.

Tomorrow....I'll tell you about Gabba Gabba LIVE, New Moon, and Rainforest Cafe.
YES...that would mean that Jen did NOT help me lose any weight while we were there!

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The Portas said...

STANDING, how exciting!!! Go Isaac!

Eager for more trip details! It's like a good tv show that keeps getting continued. :)

Have a good day! xo

Tina:0) said...

OMG - how big he looks standing there?!! As for not lowering the mattress before taking the picture? I'd have done the same thing;0)

I'm with Megan, can't wait to hear more details about the trip! Give that standing man some hugs from us!

Grandma Judy said...

Yeah for Isaac
Yeah for Isaac...... you know the rest!

Hey, what's that on his cheek? Looks like a bruise.

Lee Family said...

Pulling to stand and actually standing that is amazing I am so excited for Isaac. I give him a few more months and he will be running around. That is so sweet.

The Simmons Family said...

Horray for standing Issac!!! We are proud of you!!

jencooper said...

Grandma Judy....I promise that he came to Texas with that bruise on his cheek! I didn't give it to him...

Look at that boy go! He did all kinds of new and exciting things while we was at my house. I guess he liked all of that attention for being so awesome!!

And, I am serious! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send Eli back to me. I liked it when Bennett could talk his ear off instead of mine!!

T n T - K n K said...

Oh I love that he's standing on his own. way to go sir Isaac!!
He's just perfect anyway...he's getting so big.