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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sooo Tired....

I'm actually sitting on JOE'S side of the couch, using HIS laptop (shhh...don't tell him)...and all the pics are on MY computer...on the other side of the room...NOT on the couch.

SO...I'll have to promise pics tomorrow. We've had a really busy weekend...and I'm about to drop.
Eli had his Christmas concert at school on Thursday night. It was SO cute. I do have video...and will post it soon. (i promise mom).

Friday...I can't remember Friday...I'm sure we were busy.
Saturday...I (just ME) woke up at 7am and cleaned the house (with help from a friend)...until about 7pm! OH...my bones are aching. In all that time....we just got the kitchen, family room, and guestroom complete (and a bunch of laundry).

I did take Isaac upstairs to my room at one point during the day. I was hanging clothes in the closet and he was in his crib watching Gabba Gabba while being fed. I just happened to walk over and peek inside the crib...AND almost had an anxiety attack. The crib was soaked! Isaac had moved around too much...and his BUTTON FELL OUT of his belly! Not only did he just disconnect himself...but, THERE's a hole in his tummy showing...all his milk is gushing out. GROSS GROSS GROSS.!!
Joe normally changes his button for me...and Joe wasn't here. He was out with the big boys.
I had to be strong and go to work. I raced downstairs and got my supplies: a new button, 5cc's of water in a syringe, ky jelly (to make the button slide in easier)....and my nerves.
Isaac was trying to crawl around...like nothing had happened...still gushing YUCK out of his tummy!
I was brave...you guys would have been so proud of me! I put that button right back in his tummy, filled up the balloon with water...and started his feeds again.

I think that just drained all of my remaining energy from me...

Because today....we just couldn't get up for church. I know....bad excuse. We just can't seem to rest...really rest.

It was a beautiful...warmer, and sunny day today. I decided to take the boys (all of them) out to Boulder City...to see if we could catch a ride on the Santa train (joe was at church at choir practice).

When we drove up...the parking lot was packed! I gave Chris some money and he went up to see if they had any tickets left (only $2.oo each...how cool!). Well, they were sold out:(
So, we decided to just get out and go look at the trains....we were already there...it was such a pretty day.
AND guess what?? Some lady just walked up to us and asked if we had tickets. I said, "No"...and she handed me four tickets! When I reached to give her money....she refused and said, "Merry Christmas". How cool was that??
I hope that I'm able to surprise a few folks this season. It's those little things that people will always remember.

Isaac is doing great. Only throwing up once a day these days. Pulling to stand ALL DAY LONG. He's growing up so fast. He still doesn't speak English or understand English (or at least he doesn't listen to us). OH....Isaac found a new substitute for eating the tv table....Thomas the train wooded tracks! He's been dragging pieces around all day chomping on them!

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jencooper said...

Better you than me....ewww...I don't know if I could have changed that button. Way to go!!

I am sorry that you are so tired. I hope that this means that you found your Flip camera.

Isaac.....way to go on standing up!! That is so awesome! I am so proud of that little booger!!

What an awesome Christmas surprise!! I hope that yoy pay it forward. It has inspired me to do something nice for someone....

The Portas said...

I wish I could wrap up a giant box of SLEEP and send it to you! Well, I admire you for your tummy work you did. I don't know if I could do that!

Isaac is consistently pulling up to standing...what a big boy!! I just have to see that munchkin again soon.

I hope you guys find lots of rest and total health this week! xo

Kelly said...

Oh man! Never a dull moment around there!

Is Isaac a beaver? Cracks me up that he only wants to chew on wood!