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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving....a little late review

I should start from the TOP of our road trip. That would be Thanksgiving Day. We woke up that morning and I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK! Joe and Chris went to a local park to play football with some guys from church. We headed out a little after noon.
And we drove.
And we drove.
We stopped in Flagstaff to eat at Denny's (at Chris' request). They gobbled up their food...and Eli had never seen "smoke" come from his mouth when he breathed outside when it was cold. (ok...I'm sure he's seen it...he just couldn't remember it) It was cracking him up...until he went in a gas station...and tried breathing and was upset that he couldn't see it anymore:)

THEN, we cross the New Mexico border...where Eli says, "mom...I don't know how to speak Spanish...I hope you can speak enough!"

Then, we get close to Albuquerque. Where, apparently I was speeding. The sweet policeman told me that I was going 89 in a 75...but, he was more concerned with the SMOKE coming out of my hood! what???
So, we popped the hood...and sure enough...there was smoke! Poor guy felt bad for me...driving alone with three kids...it's almost midnight....and my car is smoking. He only gave me a warning and told me to go ahead and park her for the night.
BUT...after further investigation of the car...I noticed that the radiator cap wasn't on tight...NOT even HOT! It seems that when I took the car to Jiffy Lube...and paid an extra $6.00 for them to top off my fluids....THEY were TOO Jiffy...and didn't put the lid on tight. THUS, leading to the spillage of the fluid which was then burning off onto the metal components of the car. All it needed was about a half gallon of antifreeze...and she was ready to go.
(yes...I am good)
We ended up spending the night in Santa Rosa, NM that night. So...that meant that we only had 8 hours to drive on Friday.
(the story will continue tomorrow)

ok...I was going to make you wait to see pics...but, here's ONE for you:

Jen too this one on Sunday...but, I'm not telling you about it until I get to that day.
Tomorrow...it's about FRIDAY...the day we arrive in Grapevine, Tx! ALIVE!!!!

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The Portas said...

I want more!! :) Can't wait to hear the rest.

I'm so impressed with your under-the-hood skills, Kathy! I'm glad the nice police officer let you go with just a warning.

Grandma Judy said...

The police ALWAYS stops Kat when she drives, or should I say zooms.
I'm glad you had a safe trip, and that you were able to get out and enjoy life!

jencooper said...

Maybe she needs to move to Dallas...I don't get stopped and I am a WAY worse driver than Kathy. Ask her....she'll tell you!

Please don't forget to mention that you made it to Texas and that we had to take Chris to eat at GOLDEN CORRAL!! The kid lives in Vegas...home of awesome buffets....and he wants to eat at the Golden Trough....

Bennett told Craig last night.. "Daddy, don't you think Chris is SO COOL?" He misses the boys so much.

Can't wait to see more from the trip.....

cindy said...

Yep, one of my funny weekend memories was Chris requesting Golden Corral. Of all the places to pick!

See Kathy, you need to just plan several trips here a year....look at all the great blog stories you have! They even need to be spaced out!

I don't wanna ask the teenager, so...do you know if our kids are FB friends yet? That's close to marriage, right?? :)

Can't wait to hear tomorrow's...

cindy said...

Ok, I just checked...Steph became friends with "Taylor Lautner's Abs", but no Chris yet? What's up with that???

crabby old man said...

Dallas is ok but needs to come East about a 3 hr drive & will show them how poor folks live.
, Hug those boys

Lee Family said...

Zoom Zoom Zoom is your middle name girl. Glad you all had a great time can't wait to hear what other things happen to you :)

You are so lucky I miss Dallas alot.