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Monday, December 07, 2009

Serenity Now...Serenity Now...

The people in my house are trying to kill me. I'm not sure what I did to make them so angry with me....but, they are ALL out to get me. I don't have life insurance on me....they will NOT get rich. They will only gain MORE work. I am certain though....they're out to get me.

I would LOVE to share with you our final Texas day...but, I NEED to tell you about this family of mine. Let us start with Saturday morning. Elias. He was having a horrible time with his asthma. No problem...just give him a breathing treatment....and he'll be ok. UNTIL about 2- hours....he can't breathe again...so another treatment. And just put that on repeat.
ALL NIGHT LONG. Coughing, gagging, coughing....breathing treatment. Coughing, gagging, coughing....breathing treatment.

That afternoon...as if Eli wasn't enough....JOE decided to eat something from the freezer. About an hour later, told me that he felt horrible. Then, he RAN to the bathroom....and OUT it all came.
THEN....have you seen "Hitch"?
Something triggered Joe's allergies and his face started swelling like a balloon! I've got Eli settled down in our bedroom trying to sleep through the coughs....now, I have to help Joe pop Benadryl. NOW.....as funny as this sounds now, at the time...it is NOT funny. When he has these allergic reactions...his airway closes...and so, we have to watch him closely because sometimes he needs to be taken to the hospital. I can't even remember how many Benadryl he had to take.....but, sometime after mid-night...his face stopped swelling (it didn't go down any...just didn't get any puffier). So, we went upstairs so that I could keep an eye on Eli also.

In the meantime...we told Chris to be "on call" if we had to take Joe to the hospital...where I might as well take Eli too.
THANK GOODNESS Isaac was well this weekend (it would have been too much).

I still have to wake up every 2-3 hours and give Eli breathing treatments...and I check Joe during the night and he's still alive.

It's now Sunday morning....whew....it should be a better day.
Joe's eye is still swollen...but NOTHING like it was the night before. His throat is a little scratchy...but, he has to teach the lesson in Sunday School...so, he takes Chris to church...where, I'm still checking on a sick little Eli. I check Eli's sats that morning...and he's at 92....any lower and he really needs to be taken to the hospital.

When Joe returns from church, I take Eli to an Urgent care right beside the hospital.
ALL is well...we get a prescription for steroids...keep up with the breathing treatments....just have to wait for it to pass.

We were all exhausted on Sunday afternoon...and we WERE able to get a nap.

This morning....Eli's STILL coughing. I let him skip school. He then proceeds to
throw up in the middle of the kitchen floor (he was trying to rush to the trashcan).

But...like a Christmas miracle...I think the second day of steroids started to kick in...and he's sounding much better tonight.

Joe...poor thing is exhausted...I can just see it in his eyes.

Chris has been a good help (not great....but, I wouldn't trade him)
and Isaac.
That crazy kid. We had rain today...and I couldn't keep him from sneaking out the doggy door to splash around (it was too cold, or I would have let him have his fun). We worked with his fancy walker today....practiced standing and playing with his toys. AND...he will NOT stop eating that wooden table that the tiny television is sitting on. (little chunks of wood are everywhere).

OH...and WHERE is my new television?? I emailed Amex yesterday (ok, Joe did), and we got a tracking number. So, I called the company that was suppose to send it out a MONTH ago. Guess what? They canceled the order!! why!?!? Because they said they had the wrong price posted and they couldn't sell it to us at that price!
I wrote a FIRM email back to Amex...and they refunded ALL of our points and some extra.
SO, we ordered ANOTHER television tonight.
Maybe we'll be watching BIG tv soon!

OH....and Joe and I saw Blind Side this weekend. Such a good movie.
(I guess they didn't try to kill me the entire weekend)

Tomorrow...I'll finish telling you about the Texas trip....I'll post some pics...
I just need more time in my days.
anyone know where I can find some??

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Mandy said...

Poor Kat. I hope you get rid of all the germs before Christmas. My kidos miss you lots and can't wait to see you.

Amber said...

When you find the grove of money and time trees...please share them with me! ;0)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like a survivor! :0) Hang in there mama...

The Portas said...

If you find out how to squeeze in more time in your days, please let me know. I'm in need as well!!

There really is nothing scarier than asthma/allergy issues, especially when it involves airways that want to close. Elijah's airway likes to close a lot and it scares me to pieces! I hope all of your boys are feeling better very soon. Did you ever figure out what gave Joe that reaction?

I'll say a prayer for REST for the Roller family today. Take care of yourselves! xo

Lee Family said...

ok How did you manage to see a movie with all that going on.

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. If you need anything please call me.

jencooper said...

Boys....be nice to your mama!!!

Seriously...I think they were plotting while you were here. Make sure you check my CB site later. I am about to post an update.

I hope they are nicer to you today!