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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Isaac started coughing a junky cough today and has a runny nose.

We're on LOCK DOWN!

Eli had his first soccer practice today.  Seth, my nephew, is on the same team (how fun!)...or is it????  anyway...Eli got bonked in the head and has a huge bump beside his eye.  Poor thing.

Chris was dressed and ready to do baptisms at the temple today...but, the times were switched and he missed out (but, I was so proud that he got all dressed up in his suit on a Saturday afternoon and was ready to go).   SO....video games it has been for the rest of his day.

Tonight, I had to go to Walgreens to pick up meds (like always)...and my homeless man was there again.  (Do you remember months ago when I tried to give him a bag full of Joe's old clothes...and he wouldn't take anything...not even money).  Well, tonight...I saw him buying a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk.  So, I asked him if I could buy him some food...and he told me no, that he was ok.  That just BREAKS MY HEART.  (he's not the bum that drinks and begs for money---I don't think he's all"mentally" there...and he's homeless for whatever reason and doesn't ask for anything).  So, I asked the cashier about him...and she told me that he's only in there to buy milk or food...never alcohol...but, she told me that sometimes he will take money if it's small bills.  So, I got $20 in small bills and I offered it to him.  He told me that it was ok, he asked for change in the store (because he didn't have enough for his milk)...and that he was fine.  But, I insisted, and he took it.  He shook my hand...and told me again that his name was Jon, and shook Christopher's hand.  

I know that I have a soft spot for people in need...but, here's what I explained to Chris:
This could have been a person like Isaac.  Developmentally and mentally slow or challenged...the kind of person that couldn't make enough money to support themselves...and if they didn't have family and friends to help out...this is what happens.  I told him to never judge a person by their looks....you NEVER know what their situation is or why they are where they are.

SO...you know that I just sent Joe to Walgreens to meet Jon.  He wanted to know what I wanted him to do when he got there.  and I said, just introduce yourself.  (how many people do you think look at him in the eyes, talk to him, and extend a hand??)  But...I told him to see he could get Jon to tell him if there was anything that he needed...gosh, a tent and a portable heater....anything??  

**For me...if you're ever at Walgreens on Eastern and Windmill and see Jon, my homeless man...you don't have to give him any money...but, how about a smile?

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Andrea said...

I got home and saw you had updated you blog. Were you directing this post to me??? I guess I am too quick to judge. Thanks for reminding me to be nicer.

Mandy said...

So what happened when Joe went???

Thanks for letting me borrow your hubby tomorrow. I promise not to get on his nerves too much. (Joe is taking me to the NASCAR race!! He got suite tickets and pit passes.) He's the best. And you are too Kat. Good luck with my monsters!

Kathy said...

ok...so, Joe went to meet my homeless man (that I've been talking about for MONTHS and months...
and he wouldn't let Joe give him anything.
But, I'm just glad that he got to meet him...
he told me that he had a sleeping bag in his bundle and that he would be fine.

cindy said...

You are so sweet for wanting to help the homeless man, and how awesome that Joe went to meet him. Are you going to tell us soon that you have a new roomate at casa Roller ??

Love how Isaac looks so content watching TV upside down. You're right..you'd think it would hurt his little neck or something, but he sure looks content!

The video of Eli was adorable. Very sweet of Joe to videotape it for us...oh, I mean you!! :)

I am going to become addicted to the Thrifty Mom blog!! Can't wait to use the coupons to go get my diapers!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Sending lots of love to you guys!


Kathy said...

oh Cindy...
NO roommates in casa de Roller...
I'd pay for him a hotel room...but, no strangers around my babies!

and I'm already addicted to A Thrifty Mom...I check it all during the day (I can't miss anything!)

T n T - K n K said...

I'm glad you posted your thoughts on this Kathy, we ALL need to be reminded now and again. I have fallen short of this I know.

Now, I should go to sleep because I have no business up at 4am. :-)....well it was 3am when I opened your blog...ok, I'm goin.

A Thrifty Mom said...

I missed church today due to sick kids.....feeling disappointed because I really could use a spiritual pick me up. This post, was just what I needed. What a good person you are, I can feel the warmth of your spirit through this story. After having my Son Matthew I tend to look at the world in a whole new light, too. What blessings our heart kids are!

Erin said...

You have the biggest heart! What a great lesson for all of us.