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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Look at this...
that is some of my Easter candy..
someone ate almost the ENTIRE BAG...

and because he isn't here to monitor me for quality assurance...it was JOE!  

He flies home tomorrow and we can't wait!

The boys are all good.  Well..you know...our good.  Isaac is still snotty (but, still pooping good), Eli is still sneaking in my bed (but, running around with no asthma problems), Chris has an A in Algebra at the moment (but, that's for this quarter that just started with NO tests yet)....and I cleaned the downstairs tonight...I'm taking a picture in the morning..you will NOT even believe that this is my house.

So...I bought something a few days ago...and I'm in LOVE!  It's the Bissel steam cleaner.  It's not for carpets..but, for hardwoods.  We just have stinkin' cheap ol' laminate...but, ohhhh....it cleans it SO good!!!  With Eli and Isaac have asthma and allergy issues, Isaac licks the floor...and the dirt-wind storms here lately...I decided to use my coupon and snag it.  It's worth it!  Not only is it quick and easy..but, I don't have to buy floor cleaners anymore.  

It's a sad day when small appliances make me happy.

What's wrong with me???

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Sarah said...

Oh me... I'm jealous! I'm a clean freak and have wanted one of those babies for a long time!!! Glad you got to get one and keep that floor germ free so that Isaac can lick all over it!
I can't leave those Hersey bags alone - save me a dark chocolate!

The Portas said...

You're funny. I get excited about things like this, too, so maybe there's something wrong with me too.

I'm glad you get Joe back! YAY! Give him lots of giant hugs and enjoy.

Have a great day! I love the pic. How funny. :)

Tina:0) said...

Okay, can I tell ya how excited I was when I got my Kitchen Aid stand mixer?!! I almost wet my pants! (LoL) So if its a sad day, then I'm often sad about new appliances! HA! HA!

Glad the boys are all doing well & that Joe's coming home soon!

Give Mr. Isaac big hugs from Miss Vaeh (& all of us!)

Grandma Susie said...

So Funny!!! My favorite Easter candy is "Chocolate Marshmallows" but I am trying to be good this year and haven't even bought any . . . yet.
Can't wait to see the pics of your spring cleaning. Good on ya Kathy.

Mandy said...

Take the pics soon because I need you to watch Meghan tonight while I take the boys to soccer practice. :)

Lee Family said...

You are to fuuny, I am going to have to come over and help you eat that candy :)

I have a Bissell Steam Cleaner also I love mine. I have had it a little over a year and cannot live without it. It is so much easier to use. The only draw back is the cord is way to short, I am always unplugging and replugging. ENJOY!

Becky said...

I just got a Bissell Steam Cleaner a few weeks ago and love it! My husband thinks I am crazy because I love to mop now. I like it because it is chemical free. Nothing is wrong with you--you are normal just like me. :)

Vanessa said...

I'm jealous. I want a steam cleaner so bad. Oh we have had some horrible wind here too. Yuck!