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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ok...here's Isaac and Mr. Alexander that
I'm always talking about.

Here's Alexander, Isaac's bum, and Logan...
ok...Alexander is looking at me, Isaac is looking
at YoGabbaGabba, and Logan is looking at Isaac...
(they aren't cooperating with me very well)
urrghhh...Look at the big boys watching television...
and Logan...finally looking at me!
ok..they're getting ready to start moving...
no one's looking my way!!!
How cure are these guys! Alexander is our 3 year old heart/Digeorge buddy...Logan is our ALMOST 2 year old heart buddy...and Isaac's right in the middle at 28 months now! We played Saturday morning. Swam...played with toys...the boys were all so good. Thanks for coming over Karen and Maria!
SO...if we're going to start having get-togethers on Saturday mornings. If you're in the area...I'll send you directions to our house!

I am ALMOST finished with the floor in my guest bedroom. It's looking SO good! I want to rush in and put the furniture back (therapists are coming in the morning...and the guest bed in just sitting in the front living room). I'll take pics when I'm all finished...I have a little touch up paint to do (darn stain got on the wall) and I need to put the baseboards back on. THEN...I'll take a pic for you!

We were slackers today and didn't make it to church. (although, Eli told me that it would be ok if we would just sit on the couch and read scriptures together...such a sweetie). Joe and I are just SO sleep deprived (hence the time of this post)...and when we can snag an extra hour of sleep...we just really need it. We'll do better next week...we promise!

Eli is such a sweetheart lately. (oh...his last day of school was Friday...he got 4 certificates: A/B honor roll for the 3rd trimester, A/B honor roll for the year, Math award, and Reading award==and he was quick to show me a report that he can read 160 words a minute...that's one FAST talking little guy!) AH...back to the sweetness.
I said, "Eli...can I get you a snack"?
Eli..."No...but, thanks for asking mom. That was very nice of you."

and he's been saying "thanks for asking" for a few weeks now...ALL the time...how freakin' sweet is that?? THAT"S why my little guys are spoiled rotten...they're just perfect in every way!

Chris wants everyone to know that he's got a beard. Well...one lone dark hair has popped out of his chin...and he thinks he needs to shave now (almost...his little mustache is too darn cute).

Isaac is moving right along! Our house may look like a daycare center with all the toys around...but, he's learning how to play "appropriately" with toys now (pressing buttons and not just eating them--although, he does press the button and THEN tries to eat it!) baby steps.

and Joe. It was nice to see him this weekend. I think I'll keep him around!

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Mandy said...

The pics are cute ladies!! And boys will be boys. They don't want to pose for pics!! Come on.

And yep, Eli was even nice to Meghan today. Well, for atleast the first hour. But hey, I'll take what I can!! :D

I'll come over in the morning and see what I can do to help with your house Kat. I haven't been shopping with you in over a week so we've gotta get your house done so we can get back into our routine before you head to NC for vacation!

Tina:0) said...

Okay, where have I been?! I don't know how I've missed 3 posts?!! Sorry - I think I'm a little sleep deprived with ya;0)

How cute are these boys?! Typical though... not looking at the camera at the same time;0) Wish we were "in the area," we'd add a little girl-y-ness to these gatherings (LoL)!

Mr. Isaac falling asleep is just too darn cute! Both my girls have pulled the falling asleep in the high chair.

Hope you were able to get some rest! Have a great week!

The Portas said...

The pics are great! What fun is it if they are all looking at the camera at once?? I'm so glad these three have each other to play with..how cool!

Joe was around this weekend, nice! You do have the best boys. Eli is such a sweetie. :)

Lee Family said...

Kathy Thanks so much for having us over we had a great time, I look foward to the next play date.

All of the boys just look so darn cute!

Please email me all of these photos so I can scrapbook them.

Sarah said...

Awesome that Isaac has these little boys and your have their Mama's to enjoy time with. Wish I lived close! Cute pics!

Vanessa said...

Looks like you guys had a fun playdate! I hope your almost done with the room. Well Arianna is not letting me type....dsilhyvcbx

Vanessa said...

Looks like you guys had a fun playdate! I hope your almost done with the room. Well Arianna is not letting me type....dsilhyvcbx

jencooper said...

I want to come play!! Too bad I am not in the area! Boohoo! It looks like the boys had a terrific time.

It sounds like you are staying very busy...but what is new? You are always a busy bee!

Way to go Eli! I am so proud of you for your school awards! That is awesome, buddy!

I am loving when I see that boy of yours doing such amazing things! He is awesome!!