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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Isaac has been the crankiest thing lately...
I'm not sure if he's mad because we're not watching his show...
if his legs hurt, if his tummy hurts (the poo thing)...
or if it's just a two year old tantrum.
I hold him...he's quiet..
I put him down...he screams.
I need a big-butt-baby sling....
Check it out...
we FINALLY decided on a beach house!
I LOVE it! It wasn't my first pick...but, we are going to have a BLAST!
(it's a duplex...don't think we get the WHOLE house)
BUT...it is oceanfront...
ahh...I can sit on the porch and watch the
boys chase crabs!!

That's about all I've done...
searching for the perfect vacation spot for our family. My mom and dad are going with us!!! I can't wait! AND...I've told you that I fly out next week...but, did I mention that Joe is driving his motorcycle out to meet us. YEP....that's one LONG drive...from Vegas to the coast of North Carolina.

If anyone wants to meet us at the beach...we'll find a bed for you!!!

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Mandy said...

Have fun with mom and dad!! I still think you should take Meghan with you.

Andrea said...

I hope Isaac is feeling better in the morning! What a beautiful beach house you found! Save me a spot!

Tina:0) said...

Poor Mr. Issac... hope he's feeling better soon! I think sitting on that deck will help cure his ills;0)

Hope you guys have a wonderful time! Looks beautiful, especially compared to the fog that's enveloping us today!!

The Domanicos said...

I think Isaac just wants his mommy to keep holding him!! I have no idea where to find a sling to hold a 2 year old!!

The vacation house looks amazing and I'm sure the water will be a lot warmer in NC than NJ!! Have a great weekend.

Grandma Susie said...

Isaacs fussin' sounds like every other two yr. old. Yeah Isaac!!!
Good find on the Beach House Kathy.

The Portas said...

Take me with you!!!! Oh that looks heavenly. You guys will have such a nice time. I can't believe Joe is riding his motorcyle the entire way. He must love the breeze on his face!

I hope Isaac starts feeling better. Maybe he's just catching the 2-yr-old Crabbies from his pal Elijah. :)

Have a good weekend!!!! xo

T n T - K n K said...

Pack me in your suitcase, I'm coming with you!

Lee Family said...

You can count me in!

How fun you all are going to have I am so jelious. Take lots of pictures I want to see them when you get back.
I know Joe must be excited to be riding his motorcycle the entire way. What a break.

Have fun

jencooper said...

Ahhh....if it is the 2-year old crabbies, then Gracie has them too! She is a nonstop fussy pants.

I want to come to the beach! Your house find looks wonderful. I know that you are going to have an incredible time!

Enjoy yourself!!


Jane said...

Hey Kathy!

No sure if you're serious about the big butt sling, but I had an ERGO carrier when Ramona was first born that I carried Simon around in (he was in a very clingy phase). It's designed for toddlers and children to be carried and can be used on the back, front or side. It was comfortable and had a little hood for nap time ;)


I wish I still had mine, I'd send it to you!

That beach house looks awesome!

cindy said...

Love all the new pics of the kids. Looks like everyone is having fun hanging out a the Roller estate this summe! And the pic of the beach house (even 1/2 of it) looks wonderful!!

Glad all is well!

Sending lots of love,


Dina said...

You lucky duck - have fun and get some rest and relax!


Kelly said...

You so deserve a nice, relaxing vacation! That looks super nice! Enjoy and get some rest!

Hey, did I miss pictures of the floors in the bedroom? How did that turn out?

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and hopefully you will get some rest and relax. You deserve it.
Kate's Nana