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Monday, July 06, 2009

Yes...you should feel sorry for me.  THIS....is what I deal with daily!

But...look at them...all sitting at the table....ohhh...it's just too cute!

Isaac met with the neurologist today.  He's nice...but, VERY brief.  I gave a history of what he'd been up to this year...he felt Isaac's legs...and told me that he had mild Cerebral Palsy.  
He said that....and then said...."ok...I'll see you in a year unless he has any seizures".
the end.

nothing else...


SO...there's another pediatric neruologist in town that people are raving about.  I get in to see him this Friday!  Just another set of eyes looking at my baby....and MORE information would be good.

Tomorrow...Nora, our pt, comes over.  I can't wait to show her Isaac's standing skills!
Speaking of which...here's that video I've been promising.  
(just excuse all the shaking and moving...that would be Christopher's MAD taping skills!)

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Mandy said...

yay for Isaac!!! Let's have a party!! :D I think Meghan and I will come over tomorrow night and celebrate!! You're such a big boy!! Let's tear apart mom's house now!!!!

Vanessa said...

Awww...Kathy that is the cutest video. I love when he makes those cute little noises. :) He sure is getting good at standing.

Okay, that neurologist would of totaly irritated me. How can you say something like that and not give you any more information. I'm glad your seeing a new neurologist on Friday.

Grandma Susie said...

Great video Isaac, Chris and Mom!!!

I'm glad your going to see another neurologist - I get so irritated over Drs like him . . .

Love the pic at the table too :)

Amber said...

He looks so big! I love it...and his noises are too sweet. Speaking of sweet...I LOVE your accent! :0)

Am anxious to hear what the doc on Friday thinks...I would ask about having him dx with cp w/o an MRI or CT...it is my understanding that you need an image to dx. Just a thought. ;0)

Tina:0) said...

I agree with you & everyone else about this "neurologist" (if you can call him that!).

YAY ISAAC!!! I can't believe how well he is standing! I'm so proud... I think my face might just burst from smiling so much!

Can't wait to hear what the 2nd neuro says... hopefully you'll get some info & answers!

The Portas said...

What is with neuro specialists and curtness?? We have dealt with this same thing recently, and they boggle my mind in comparison to our awesome heart docs who explain every little detail until we are satisfied. I hope the new doc will go into a little more detail. How great that you can get in so soon, yay!!

Isaac, what an awesome little stander you are! Awww, this is just wonderful to see. It puts a giant smile on my face today. Keep it up! You're doing awesome! (Mama, you, too!)

I love the pic of all three silly boys. :) Chris, you are alive!

Lee Family said...

He is such a big boy standing up boy before you know it he will be walking all over the place. I love the picture of all of them sitting at the table what a cute picture.