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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You'd think that with 3 LARGE checked bags, 3 carry on bags...3 kids and an invisible cloak of sanity...I might have remembered everything needed for this vacation.

It turns out that the night before our trip, I remembered that I NEEDED two meds at the compounding pharmacy....that was now closed and would not be open before our flight took off.  SO, Mandy had to pick them up for me and pay an arm and half her leg to overnight it to me (because, of course, it has to stay cold).

I battled three hours this morning with Isaac's feeding pump.  We went through 5 bags before I was able to get one to work.  I only packed 1 bag for each day.   hmmm....I will surely use some for two days...but, what if I just got a bad batch of bags and there are still problems with some in the suitcase.  YIKES....feeding him 5cc's at a time to get to 210cc's takes a LONG time.

Now...I'm kind of rested up...want to share some pics with you...and although we brought on 3 ipods, 1 psp, 1 nintendo ds, 1 portable dvd, 1 laptop, 1 camera....we did NOT bring the tiny little cord that connects the camera to the darn laptop.   Another trip to Target may be in order. 

and I DID remember to pack our cell phone charger.  We have three iphones with us...1 charger will work for all three.  NOT in my world.  Chris' phone is newer...and thus, requires a newer charger...another purchase that I will have to make tomorrow or his world will come to a screeching halt.

I told you about paying $700 for O2 for this trip.  WELL...it turns out that the day before the trip, they decided to be generous and deliver it to me.  YEAH...except...this was a different machine than previously quoted...and of course they would now require $865 up front.
of course they would...why wouldn't they?? 

Another trip to Target for SURE...because I went out today to buy diapers...and bought size 3 instead of size 4.  Why do you ask do I NOT know the correct size of my babies bum?  It would be because I haven't bought diapers in 6 months (or more)..I just have a stockpile upstairs...and don't even look at the packages  anymore.

With my obvious good luck I'm having this week...I'm sure I'll wake up to find Isaac sleeping in a bed of pee because his diaper is a little more snug than usual...

**Even tough that's aLOT of aggravating stuff to deal with...I am SO glad to be on VACATION with my little peanuts!  I've talked to Joe throughout the day and he's having a blast driving across the country...I've been playing with some pretty darn cute nieces and nephews...I had my favorite pizza for dinner tonight...and tomorrow we take a small road trip to see the best grandparents EVER!

SO...I suppose it's all worth it.
NOW...it's 11:00pm est....and Isaac JUST woke up from a nap....all the kids are wide awake...and my poor parents are trying to sleep (good luck with that).

**ps...it's now 12:30am and ALL my kids are STILL up!  Playing Xbox and Isaac is playing with a bowl on the floor.  Serenity now...serenity now....why won't they just GO TO SLEEP??

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Mandy said...

I'm so sorry you're having a rotten time!! :( I can send you all your chargers but this time just put them in a USPS box. Let me know. I'll send it to the beach house.

Have fun with grandma and granddaddy tomorrow. Take lots of pics!! And make sure you get some of Aunt Debbie too!!

I hope the rest of the trip gets better and don't worry about things here. We are taking care of Katie and the house. :D

Tera said...

ugh I hate packing for a trip..I do the same thing every month to california...I forget important stuff...but just think your not here in Nevada...so have fun and yes take lot's of pic's..hope to see you soon...can't wait to post pictures of maddy in her birthday outfit for you!!!

Amber said...

I'm just going to throw this out there but...I think next time...the Baker's should join you! Between us...we would definitely have, all the feeding supplies needed, diapers, meds, O2 and of course the cord for photos!

I'm just sayin...you may want to consider it. ;0)
Hope you have an amazing time!!!!

Grandma Judy said...

Well, it's 8:20 here east coast time. We were supposed to leave for Grandma's at 9:00. BUT....everyone is still sleeping, all 4 of them. I just don't have the heart to wake them up. Showers, breakfast, and the packing. These kids better get a move on....if I could just get them to open their little eyes!
Hang on Grandma Cat.....we will be on our way...sometime or other!

The Portas said...

Packing/unpacking for trips is not one of my favorite things in the world. With little ones, we're always bound to forget something.

Have a GREAT time!!! I'm glad you made it safely and we will pray for safe motorcycle travels for Joe, too. LOVE up those peanuts of yours as much as you can! xoxoxo

Tina:0) said...

Wow. How do you do it?! I think I'd loose my marbles... if I had them to begin with;0)

Despite all of the 'bumps' in the road, I hope you're all having a great time! Can't wait to see some pics!

Mandy said...

Oh mom, please let me call and wake them!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!