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Friday, July 31, 2009

What's today....ahh...It's FRIDAY!

We didn't do anything much today...and that was NICE!

I caught up on cutting a few HUNDRED coupons....made a trip to Walmart...where I made the poor cashier scan about a HUNDRED coupons....and we're just trying to get our bags re-packed to leave for the beach tomorrow.

I'm so excited....
and I just can't hide it...

AND...I finally finished the last Twilight book last night.  OH...it's such a great series.  Chris has finally realized that this might be the "IN" with the ladies...so, he's ready to start reading.
(what a smart young man I have)

The big boys rented Jaws a few days ago...and they can't seem to find the time to watch it.   Yeah right...Chickens!  

I didn't take any pics today...
and I'm not sure if the beach has wifi (fingers and toes crossed).

If you haven't gone to Target this week...RUN...they have toys on clearance 75% off.  You KNOW that I had to make a run today.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get it back home...but, I was able to snag a few things (and Mandy shopped for me back in Vegas)... I think we have a problem!

That's all I've got...
I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!

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Mandy said...

wait...what did you get??? Stinker!!! I told you everything that I bought for Isaac!! :( I see how it is! Just remember Isaac how much Aunt Mandy Loves you!! :D

Have fun at the beach.

Tina:0) said...

Sounds like you're having a great time... hope the rest of your vacation is fun!

The Domanicos said...

Happy to see that you are having a great time on your vacation. I had to laugh about the feeding bag situation because that used to happen to us all the time!! ALWAYS bring extra!! Have fun at the beach.

Lee Family said...

You just can't stay away from the stores there eighter uh. You are on Vacation so have some fun..

The Portas said...

I hope you are having a blast at the beach!! You guys deserve it. How funny that the boys rented Jaws. How fitting. :)

Did Joe make it to you safely??

Twilight...ahhhh...love those books. I'm glad you enjoyed them, too. Oh Edward.

I hope you all are splish-splashing in the ocean as I type! Can't wait for pics!!oxxo